Saskatchewan Canada Duck & Goose Guide

We are licensed outfitter in the below four Saskatchewan Wildlife Management Zones.

saskatchewan canada fall duck hunting guided

We are currently collecting a list of names of hunters interested in hunting 2017 fall season in Saskatchewan with us. Dates will be late September through early November. If you are interested in being added to our list of people please call 563-380-7122 or fill out the contact page with you name, phone number, and message. Once we begin booking hunts we will contact you first to fill the available dates.

Our Saskatchewan zones in Canada holds large numbers of Canada Geese, Speckbellies (whitefront geese), and Snow Geese. Portions of our zones also hold very large numbers of Sandhill Cranes and Ducks.

Up North Outdoors runs guided hunting and hunts in the fall hunting season for waterfowl including ducks, snow goose, canadian geese, specks or specklebelly geese and more. Contact us for more information on our guided hunts, or find galleries and images of our previous successes and decoy spreads on our blog or in the gallery here at Up North Outdoors.

You can find more information for fall season duck hunts and guided snow goose hunts in the “What You Need to Know” sidebar on the left with tips on lodging, licenses, bird cleaning, travel recommendations, weather, strategy, equipment you need to bring and more.