Spring Snow Goose Hunts In Arkansas, Missouri, & South Dakota

Our spring snow goose hunts take place near major staging and migration corridors in Arkansas, Missouri, and South Dakota. Several hundred thousand birds are common and, given the right conditions, peak counts can exceed a million snow geese. These staged birds, combined with untold numbers of migrating flocks, provide great decoying action. Peak hunting occurs late January through March during the Conservation Order which is commonly referred to as the Spring Snow Goose Season. This special season has been in effect since 1999 to help control the snow goose population. It has liberal laws allowing the use of electronic callers, unplugged guns, and no bag limits.

Rainwater Basin in Nebraska - One of the best staging areas in the spring.
Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge - One of the best staging areas in the spring for snow geese.

We kick off our spring snow goose season in Arkansas. Our Arkansas snow goose hunts start near the end of January or beginning of February after the regular duck and goose season closes.  Good numbers of snow geese winter in Arkansas. In addition to these wintering birds large numbers of snow geese migrate through Arkansas from the southern gulf coast states.

After leaving Arkansas we move to Missouri. We start running our Missouri hunts near Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge.  They begin toward end of February and hunt through mid-March. Impressive snow goose numbers stage and migrate through NW Missouri each spring making this an enjoyable place to snow goose hunt. 

Snow Goose Hunt Video

If you would like a video showing our snow goose hunts we will send you a DVD. The title is Snow Flurries 2. It was filmed during our 2009 spring season. We wanted to give you a feel for exactly what you will experience on an average or better day in the field hunting snow geese with us. The vast majority of the DVD was filmed while running our spring snow goose hunts with snow goose hunters like you doing the shooting.

There has been a lot of hype created around the spring snow goose season. Some of its warranted. Some of its overblown ego's and marketing. As you can see from our videos and gallery pictures we have truly amazing days in the field each year. It takes the right conditions and a little luck to have those 60, 80, or 100 plus bird days. Hunters should come expecting to average a daily harvest in the teen's or twenties with a potential for much larger days. These are decoying birds with most shots being called in the 25-50 yard range. In reality, snow geese are the toughest of all waterfowl to decoy. The enactment of this special spring snow goose season and its liberal laws are a testament to this fact. We are highly successful but we don’t guarantee birds. Slow days or even a rare zero do occur. 

Spring Snow Goose Hunts 2014_029
Pictures like this one show the potential of our spring snow goose hunts. These are exceptional days. If you're lucky enough to get one your groups will never forget it.