Year: 2010

Merry Christmas – Happy New Year!

It is getting to be crunch time again. My goal is to have all of the equipment ready to go by Feb 1. That way I can sneak in a couple hunts before before we start guiding. One trip I would like to take is to Arkansas. The second is to Kansas. We start full … [Read More]

Fall Season

This past weekend was the last weekend of the Iowa duck season. The 2010 fall season was our best since 2002. Most of the guys I have been talking with on the phone are having a very good fall as well. Now its time to start getting ready for the spring season…it is only 2 … [Read More]

Wicked Good Hatch!

The guessing is done…it is fact that the snow geese had an awesome hatch this past summer. What does that mean for this coming spring? ITS LIKELY GOING TO BE GOOD! Guys are shooting limit after limit this fall in Saskatchewan Canada. Most of these limits are 90+% juvy birds. My crew decided to hunt … [Read More]

Snow Goose Hatch

Rocky Rockwell called National Snow Goose Federation (NSGF) today. His bird banding count was 7,500 snows 60% juvies 40% adult. Here is a post he put on the NSGF FaceBook page. National Snow Goose Foundation you and your friends should buy lots of ammo and get ready. Highest juvenile/adult ratio in years in my part … [Read More]

Snow Goose Nesting Conditions

I keep hearing lots of chatter about the excellent conditions of the arctic nesting grounds for snow geese. It is still a bit early because June blizzards can rake havoc on the nesting success but it sounds like so far so good. Hope you all are having a good summer.

I’m Home Now

The 2010 spring snow goose season has come to an end. Several of the snow goose guides made a trip up to South Dakota for a 3 day snow goose hunt. We ended up shooting 10 on an afternoon hunt. The next two days we shot 22 and 51 birds. We felt 51 was a … [Read More]

March 18 – Screwy end to a Screwy season

Thursday March 18 the last two groups chose which fields they wanted to hunt. The remaining guides chose to hunt one of the remaining open fields. The guided groups shot 13 and 24. The guides shot 140 mostly adult and ross geese. The geese came in mostly small flocks of 10 or less and very … [Read More]

Postponing Hunt for 3/19-3/21

After guiding this weekend I was able to drive around today and get a feel for the number of birds in the area. The numbers are becoming very low. Forecast for this weekend is rain and I highly doubt there will be a migration for any birds remaining south of us. Given these conditions we … [Read More]

Those hunting 3/19 through 3/21

Most of the birds moved out of the area yesterday. We will see how that effects hunting this week. As of right now high field is 30 but there are some single digits as well. We will see how hunting goes through Wednesday. Based on those results I will make a decision on this weekend’s … [Read More]

Spring Forward New Meeting Time Is 6 AM

New meeting time of 6 AM for those hunting 3/14/10 and later. Success remains spotty. Yesterday a new high for the year of 64 was reached. Most of the rest were 12 and lower. Field range from fair to extremely muddy. Bring waders!


Sorry it has been a couple days but the internet at the house died. Last night we got dumped on by rain. It is extremely muddy and I highly recommend neoprene waders if you want a comfortable hunt. Hunting success has been spotty. There have been a few good days but my guide are pretty … [Read More]

Snow Goose Hunting Improving

Everyday hunting has been improving. Yesterday high field was 38 with most others in the teens and 20’s. LOTS OF MUD! It is suppose to rain everyday this week and conditions are already muddy.

Large Number Of Snow Geese In The Area

There is not shortage of snow geese in the Mound City area although the last several days hunting success has been slower than average. It will change…always does…just like a light switch was flipped they will start working better. The birds that have been here are front birds. These are the ones we typically have … [Read More]

Bring Waders!!!

Today ended up being a pretty slow for our hunters. The frost is coming out of the ground and we are forecasted to have rain tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. The fields are already becoming sloppy and any added rain will just add to that problem. Neoprene waders are very nice in muddy conditions.

Snow are here!

Although Squaw Creek is still frozen a large number of snow geese have moved up into the Mound City area. Hunting success was low this morning however we are hoping for a good afternoon.


Yesterday I got back to Mound City from Marshall. Today (3/4) is the last half day hunt down there. Today is also the first groups of guys in Mound City. I drove through the refuge and it is most locked with ice except for a small open pocket about 600 yards out from the observation … [Read More]

Back to Mound City March 4

We are starting to run snow goose hunts March 4th back in Mound City. Currently there is a little snow on the ground. The Squaw Creek Refuge is frozen except for a small pocket of open water in front of the observation tower. The forecast for this coming weekend looks very good to me. Today … [Read More]