Year: 2011

Where Has The Time Went?

I have been contacted by a few of you guys that follow this page looking for posts. It has been an extremely busy year and it is hard to believe snow goose season is right around the corner. I have been getting lots of reports of excellent snow goose hunting in North Dakota. Lots of … [Read More]

South Dakota Snow Goose Limit Changed

Those of you that enjoy our South Dakota snow goose hunting will be pleased to know that the 20 bird daily limit has been change to unlimited for the 2012 spring snow goose season. This change is welcome and gives our South Dakota hunters the same opportunities in the field as our Missouri and Kansas … [Read More]

Spring Snow Goose Decoy Spreads

The number of snow goose guides has exploded in the last decade about as fast as the snow goose population itself. The new outfitters are trying to find their niche while the established snow goose guides try to stay on the top. At times this will lead to a lot of hype, some of its … [Read More]

2011 Snow Goose Hatch

I have gotten my first creditable information the 2011 Snow Goose hatch. What I have been told is the eastern arctic snow goose colonies had a hatch similar to last years. The western side of the arctic had a good hatch as well which is the first in 5 years. A good hatch all the way around will make … [Read More]

Spring Snow Goose Hunt Pictures

We have added a lot of the pictures that we have taken since 2001 on our guided snow goose hunts. We have hunted a lot of people over the years.  It really amazed me how many stories, names, and faces I remember. I’m in the process of adding a caption to some of the snow goose … [Read More]

2011 Snow Goose Hunting Photos

Our 2011 spring season was one of our better years. Total harvest was 5366 snows. The weather was much better than 2010. We shot 11 leg bands and one white neck collar which is a pretty low for the number of birds we shot. We also shot 3 blue phase Ross geese. All of these … [Read More]

2010 Snow Geese Pics

The 2010 spring was a challenging season. We intentionally shortened it so I would not be away from my small children as long this year. Unfortunately during this condensed timeframe the weather was less than ideal. We postponed about a week’s worth of hunters giving us even fewer days in the field. We ended up … [Read More]

2009 Snow Geese Photos

The 2009 season began with high expectations and ultimately it ended up our being our best season in Missouri and our second best overall. Our Missouri hunting started with a bang on Feb 13 with a 90 bird field as the first snow storm of the season moved through the Mound City area.  We did … [Read More]

2008 Snow Geese Pictures

The 2008 spring season was a slower year for us. Weather was the big story or bad weather I should say. Storm after storm dumped rain, snow, and ice on us periodically throughout the season. This below normal weather coupled with a below average hatch resulted in our harvest being lower than the last couple … [Read More]

2007 Snow Goose Pics

The spring of 2007 was an above average season. Our Missouri hunts got off to a muddy start but bird numbers were strong and the hunting was good. South Dakota was great but short lived. We arrived in northern SD about the same time as the birds. There was wave upon wave in the air … [Read More]

2006 Snow Goose Pictures

The spring of 2006 we harvest 4442 snows geese. We had 4 zeros and 3 fields that were at the century mark, one 100-bird and two 99-bird days. The zeros were a result of extremely cold weather that made for some pretty tough hunting for a few days. Three of the four zero’s took place … [Read More]

2001-2005 Snow Goose Photos

These are our early years and we didn’t keep the records or take the pictures that we do now. You may also notice the decoys are not nearly as realistic. It was before I partnered with Damian Kuzmin to start our decoy company Deadly Decoys™, Inc. There have been a lot of advancements in snow … [Read More]

2011’s In The Books

The 2011 spring snow goose season is in the books. It was a much better year than 2010. Total harvest was 5366 snow geese. We shot 11 leg bands and one white neck collar. Missouri Recap: 4289 snows were shot on our Missouri spring snow goose hunts (23 bird/field/day average). High field was 130 and … [Read More]

Fields Are Being Set

Today we set fields. Those that are snow goose hunting this weekend will have a much longer drive than normal. We have to go to where the birds are right now. Because of the long drives we will be leaving the lodge at 5 am and hunting until 6:30 pm. We should leave the field … [Read More]

Of Course….

We took out one group that choose to come even with the adverse weather. Yesterday was a nice day. This morning I wake up and it is snowing…of course it is! We are suppose to have 2-4 inches here but the temps look good. I don’t think it will last long.

Ready to Roll

We have moved south 3 hours to Mitchell, SD. There are a good number of snow geese in the area. We have a group of snow goose hunters coming in tomorrow. For those coming in Monday everything is a go except we will not be able to use the lodge. Lodging will be motels and … [Read More]