Year: 2012

Fall Duck Season End in Iowa

Our fall duck season ended in Iowa this past week. For the second year in a row we had very low water and very warm temps. Overall you could say it was a slow season. There were a couple good days. For the first time in my life I had the chance to shoot specks … [Read More]

Fall Hunting Reports

I’m still getting a lot of report from fall snow goose hunters that are doing well in the field during the fall of 2012. One group I just talked with had been shooting 20-30 birds a day on their trip to North Dakota. Most of the harvest was juvy birds with a lot of Ross. … [Read More]

2012 Fall Snow Goose Hunting

In Canada this year there was a bunch of Ross geese…I mean a bunch. There seemed to be a good number of young birds in the flock. I have also been getting reports from North Dakota from hunters that are doing rather well on snows. One today said there was a lot of juvy’s in … [Read More]

Fall Season Begins

    It has been some time since I posted anything on the site. Our yearly trip to Canada was great fun. I have not hunted at all since I’ve returned but hope to get started this coming weekend. Here are the picture from Canada. This first picture is a field hunt for ducks. Love … [Read More]

2013 Spring Snow Goose Hunting Forecast

The USFWS has released its forecast on the fall 2012/spring 2013 snow goose flight. The hatch is one of mixed success. Overall snow goose numbers are still a lot higher than biologists would like them to be. The Mid-Continent Population (MCP) had a below average hatch. There was wide spread flooding over much of the … [Read More]

Confirmation Letters

Those of you that booked a 2013 spring snow goose hunt while you were hunting this past 2012 spring season had to make payment by June 15, 2012. Once payment is made we send out a letter confirming your dates, party size, and payment. There have been a couple calls from hunters inquiring about the … [Read More]

Postponed Hunt Policy

I just got off the phone with one of our hunters that rebooked for the 2013 Spring Snow Goose Season. In the conversation we talked about the 2010 spring snow goose hunting. It was his first year booking a snow goose hunt with us (it was also hands down the worst snow goose season we … [Read More]

Snow Geese Should Be Hatching

The snow goose goslings should be hatching now. In the next month or two we will begin to start hearing reports of how successful it was this year. We are always hoping for an average or better hatch and normal weather without many snow storms.

Snow Goose Spread Are Ready For 2013

After a lot of work we now have all of our decoy spreads ready for 2013 spring snow goose season. All of the spreads have 2000 Deadly Decoys™ snow goose windsocks. These large spreads worked great in 2012. This is not the end of the work. I still have snow goose flyers, callers, and laydown blinds to go through … [Read More]

2013 Snow Goose Hunters

Those of you that have a hunt booked remember your payments are due June 15, 2012 for the 2013 spring snow goose season. Normally we allow you two weeks to make a payment for your snow goose hunt. The exception to this is those that re-booked while hunting. We give those hunters have until June 15th before your payment … [Read More]

2012 Spring Snow Goose Hunting Pictures

Our 2012 spring season was our best since 2007. Total harvest was 5516 snows with four neck collars (Yellow, Red, Blue, & White), 15 leg bands, and one double leg banded bird with a $100 reward band. We also shot two rare blue phase ross geese. Kansas Recap: All of our KS hunts were moved … [Read More]

What To Do?

What am I suppose to do when I’m on vacation and had to postpone hunts due to lack of birds in SD. This is yesterday’s shoot of 66 snows. Mostly adults…only 16 juvy’s this morning we have 44 more in the same field. We were also filming a TV show that will air in Sept … [Read More]

Postponing SD Hunts

So far South Dakota hunting has been poor and after driving around today we don’t expect that to change as there are very few birds remaining. We are going to do what we can for the hunters that are at the lodge right now but for those hunting 3/23-4/5 we are postponing the hunts until … [Read More]

South Dakota

The first hunts in South Dakota have started out pretty slow. Average is about the best hunting we have had but overall it has been pretty slow compared to Missouri. It is a weird weather pattern and I don’t think the birds need to move much. They are seeing plenty but they are not trading … [Read More]

Internet Scouting

We have been getting a lot of calls lately from guys saying “the internet says all of the birds are in North Dakota.” First off the internet can be wonderful for some things but you have to remember no matter what the source it is someone’s opinion. Many of the forums are filled with young … [Read More]

Cancelling the remaining MO hunts

Due to the warm weather the birds have moved into South Dakota. With no end in sight for the hot temps we have moved most of our Missouri hunters to South Dakota. They start hunting tomorrow. We have openings March 19-22 for any of you that want to move up your dates. If these warm … [Read More]

Hunting Has Slowed

For those scheduled to hunt Mound City, MO the weekend of March 16-18. You will be getting a call from me at the end of the day today if the hunting doesn’t pick up. The last two days have been slow. Yesterday high field was 21 and the low field was 5 with most being … [Read More]

Mitchell SD Hunters

Those scheduled to hunt in Mitchell, SD will need to come to Hecla, SD (north east of Aberdeen). The weather is very warm for this time of the year and I think that we will end up having to move right away if we hunted Mitchell. We stay at Dakota Hunting Farms Lodge ( 800-356-5281) … [Read More]