Year: 2012

3/9/12 Results

Yesterday was an average day. There were a couple slower fields but overall yesterday averaged 19 birds. Not bad…not great…average. We did find a set of small keys in the blinds. Look like something that would be to a hard gun case. Let me know if you are missing them and we will get them … [Read More]

Spotty Snow Goose Hunting

The last couple days have been fairly spotty for my fields. On one hand we had a field that shot 63 snow geese between two groups of snow goose hunters. The first party had a half day hunt until noon shooting 28. The second group moved from a field they hadn’t pulled a trigger in … [Read More]

I Revise My Post

A welcome surprise at Squaw Creek Refuge. This morning there was only about 50K. I returned mid-morning to see migrating snow geese stacked all the way to the heavens circling down on to refuge out of the south. I would guess 150-200K are now there.

3/7/2012 Missouri Snow Goose Hunting

It is hard to believe the low numbers of birds that I saw yesterday. They were either hiding out of the wind or have left. The wind was 40+ gust all morning long. High field was 17 with a blue phase ross shot (second this year) and low field was 2 with several in the … [Read More]

March 12-18

Those hunting March 12-18 in Missouri. Right now we are having average hunting. Those hunting Mitchell, SD we are bypassing that area and moving directly to Hecla, SD to get in front of the birds. We did this with our Kansas snow goose hunts and it was a great choice.

Howling again!

We are flat tired of the wind. I don’t ever recall a year when there were so many days in a row of howling winds. We have definitely lost some snow geese however it is hard to tell how many because they are hiding out of the wind. Yesterday’s snow goose hunts were pretty good. … [Read More]

The Wind Blows

The wind continues to blow. Yesterday and already this morning it is howling. We are ready for it to die down some. Today we shot 254 snow geese. Three of them had leg bands and one had a red neck collar. High field of snow goose hunters was 51 with 2 bands. Low field was …

More Like Average

The hunting has slowed some in the last couple days. Plenty of birds but it appears that the number of juvy’s has dropped. Snow goose harvests in our field have dropped from almost all juvy’s to 80% adults. We are still having a fair number of days in the 30’s and 40’s which is still … [Read More]

Todays high 93.

Yesterday was a slower day in the snow goose decoy spreads. The wind howled and the bird tucked themselves out of the wind. This morning we thought would be on but didn’t turn out that way. My group moved fields for the afternoon shoot because we has two groups of 1 for the afternoon. Great … [Read More]

Above Average Snow Goose Hunting.

So far this year has been something special. Above average hunting continues. Yesterday we averaged 36 birds per field (High 54 – Low 15). The day before was a 52 bird average (High 86 – Low 13). So far in 12 days of hunting we had shot 2455 birds.

386 Birds Today

After the snow melted the snow goose hunting pick right back up. High field was 87 and the low field was 15. This year the snow goose hunting continues to be very good.

Of Coarse…

Of course the weather changed for the worst. Yesterday morning the ground had a skiff of snow. By noon it had melted. Afternoon was looking good until a huge black cloud came rolling in. The sky turned a greenish color then blinding snowflakes as big as golf ball began to fall. It should melt by … [Read More]

Feb 16-22, 2012: Likely the Best Week Ever

This is our 12th year guiding spring snow goose hunts. We have just come off the best week we have ever had running guided hunts. There were 3-100+ bird days & 2-90+ bird days and very  few of our fields dropped below the 30 bird mark. Most of what we are shooting is juvy and … [Read More]

First Week

We have just come off the best week we have ever had running guided hunts. There were 3-100+ bird days & 2-90+ bird days. Yesterday was a mixed results day. We ran 3 fields on the guided side. It was also my first day I’ve been able to hunt. I was joined by 3 of … [Read More]

The Excellent Snow Goose Hunting Continues

Lots of birds are in the area. We ran three fields today and got our second 100+ bird field of the year…105, 94, & 73. I finally have things the way I want them so I’m going. It is supposed to be sunny & 60 with a south wind. Could be good!

Rainy Snow Goose Hunt Today

Today was the slowest day we have had this year. Slow on a year with exceptional snow goose hunting is still not too bad. Two of the groups left at noon when it started to pour rain. Those fields shot 12 and 38. The full day hunt shot 28. On days when it rains the … [Read More]

Bringing Dogs On Your Snow Goose Hunt

I know you guys like hunting with your dogs. I like hunting with mine too. Our rule is if you have your own field dogs are allowed. We don’t allow them on combined groups. The problem is that what is a good dog to you is not to someone else. The beauty is in the … [Read More]