Year: 2015

Fall Duck Hunting In Iowa

So far the 2015 fall has been a little lack luster duck hunting. We have had a few good hunts. Most of them early in the year on wood ducks. We had high hopes this last weekend since it was the first major cold front of the year but the ducks didn’t cooperate. Saturday was … [Read More]

2015 Spring Snow Goose Season Recap

We can’t talk about our 2015 snow goose hunts without discussing the weather. This year’s spring snow goose hunting had a number of weather challenges. Mother Nature was cruel at times to our snow goose hunters. Our Arkansas snow goose hunts began with awesome hunting. Above normal temps had snow geese migrating up to mid-Nebraska … [Read More]

Nebraska Results: March 14th, 2015

Today the fields shot 14, 12, 11, 10, 10, 3, & 2. Some fields saw plenty of snow geese while others didn’t see much. There is very little on the lake now. Most of what we are seeing we believe are migratory flocks coming from the south heading north.

Nebraska – Surprise this morning

Yep… it’s snow. I’m not sure where the snow came from. The weather we were watching didn’t show it until last night just before I went to bed. It said 60% change of up to an inch snow. Guess they were right.

Nebraska Results: March 4th, 2015

Hunting was a little better today. High field was 19. There was also a 17, two 11’s, and a 5. There is still a ton of birds around but they look like Moses parting the red sea when they come to our spreads. Some of the toughest snow geese we have hunted for a while. It will … [Read More]

Nebraska Results: March 2nd, 2015

Windy from the south but these birds right now are some of the toughest we have seen all year. There is a lot of them in the area but they are the front birds. We are picking up a few in the snow goose spreads. Two of the fields have had birds land in the field … [Read More]

Nebraska – Day 2

Day two was similar to day one. COLD! Two of the groups didn’t hunt very long as it was snowing. One group hunted morning and evening with a big break in the middle of the day. The last group pretty much hunted all day… they shot 13. The other 3 groups shot 5, 5, and … [Read More]

Nebraska Snow Goose Hunts Start – Day 1

  The first day of our  Nebraska snow goose hunts was cold. Temps was -6 on the way to the field. Hunting was slow. Hunting success ranged from high field of 15 to low field of 4 snow geese. It was not from lack of seeing birds. There is a ton of them here. They are feeding in massive feeds. Tomorrow … [Read More]

Nebraska – February, 24th, 2015

Last spread when in the ground today. The forecast looks to be a cold and snowy weekend. How does snow effect the snow goose hunting? Generally you do well while its snowing but after it stops it can get tough. We have snow covers which helps. A couple of the groups of snow goose hunters have moved … [Read More]

Nebraska – February 20th, 2015

We drove down to the lake yesterday morning and there is a boat load of snow geese on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 300,000 or more. The lake was mostly frozen so we will have to see how Sunday and Monday treats us. Right now Sunday is a high of 19 and low of … [Read More]

Arrived in Nebraska

We arrive in Nebraska late Tuesday. Yesterday we scouted and lined up new fields. Today we will do the same. There are a lot of snow geese in the area. I’d say several hundred thousands bunching up in massive feeds. My biggest concern is the weather. Snow on Saturday and it is suppose to remain below normal cold. Average high temp … [Read More]

Arkansas Snow Goose Hunting Recap

First I would like to thank the hunters this weekend. It was very slow hunting and most of you didn’t hunt Sunday to allow us to get our decoys out of the ground prior to a ice/snow storm. So far it has not been as bad as the forecast predicted however it rained before the … [Read More]

Arkansas – Friday pretty slow

Hunting today was SLOW! Most fields saw a few thousand birds but it is a pretty long day in the field. Hopefully tomorrows 50 degree forecast gives us a push of migrating snow geese. Sunday’s weather is calling for cold.

Arkansas – Monday was good

Monday was a very good day. High field was 47 with all but one field in the 30’s or 40’s. Tuesday was slow. High field was 34 but all of the other field saw few birds. The days they migrate we do the best and the days they don’t can be mixed. Overall I think last … [Read More]