Year: 2016

2016 Snow Goose Season Recap

The 2016 spring season was another very warm spring. If asked what the odds of having two years in a row with 70 and 80-degree temps in February and March would be we would tell you very low but yet this past springs weather was just like the 2015 spring snow goose season…too hot! We … [Read More]

South Dakota Snow Goose Hunt 3/18/16

We ran the last group yesterday and they shot only 1 bird by noon. We had the last two spreads in the ground and while one guide ran hunters the other pulled decoys. The spread being pulled had several flocks of birds try to land while Billy was pulling it. Jim says he even made … [Read More]

South Dakota Snow Goose Hunts 3/13/16

Yesterday we lost half of the snow geese staged in our area. Still plenty to hunt and I believe still more to come. As much of the spring has been, the birds we are hunting are flocks of adult snow geese playing follow the leader. Decoying success has been fair, we are killing a few … [Read More]

South Dakota Snow Goose Hunts 3/10/2016

After a lot of pulling, setting, and driving we have everything out of Nebraska. Although not planned we ended up in South Dakota running one group a day until a week from Saturday. There is a ton of birds in the area or as the text read from the guy we are hunting read…”There is … [Read More]

Nebraska Snow Goose Hunting Reports 3/7/2016

Hunting remains about the same. The official count on the lake is less than 1000 snows. There are more in the area but overall numbers are pretty low. Those hunting March 11-13 have all been contacted. One group is hunting in South Dakota and the rest are coming next year. Those hunting March 14-19 will … [Read More]

Another Pair – Another Pair of Bands

For the second time this year a pair of snow geese decoyed. Both died and both were banded. These were 228 numbers apart. Banded the same day in Texas as adults in 2005. Lots of old banded birds this year. We lost almost all of the birds that were staged on the lake last night. … [Read More]

Nebraska Snow Goose Hunts 3/6/16

We lost almost all of the birds that were staged on the lake last night. Yesterday there was at least 100,000. Today there is 10,000 maybe. Hopefully there will be migrating snow geese that will push through this area. Those hunting Monday to Thursday we will have to see how things go. Those hunting Fri-Sun … [Read More]

Nebraska Snow Goose Hunts 3/5/16

Slower day today. High field shot 8 and low shot 4. We keep waiting for the switch to flip on our success like it did for us on our Arkansas hunts. These can’t be the same birds that have been here all year but they sure act like it. I’ve glassed a lot of birds … [Read More]

Nebraska Snow Goose Hunting 3/4/16

Today was a better hunting than the previous day. High field shot 22 Low field was 5. The birds didn’t fly off nearly as high tonight and there was some feeding in our hunting area rather than traveling 50 miles. The wind tomorrow look like switching to a south wind.

Nebraska Snow Goose Hunts 3/3/16

Slow hunting today. High field shot 3 with one zero on a partial day hunt. Yesterday there was 200,000 counted on the refuge and in my opinion there was more on it today. That being said these are some of the toughest birds we have hunted all season. They are in a pattern of heading … [Read More]

Blue Phase Ross Goose

  Jim’s snow goose hunters left a little before noon on 3/2/16. As usual Jim just stayed out and hunted on his own. A flock of 50 flew over head and with a little flip of the flag only one peeled out but it dropped into the kill hole. When the blue turned sideway Jim saw it … [Read More]

Nebraska Snow Goose Hunts 3/2/16

  Today hunting was mixed. High field shot 17 with a banded ross goose. It was banded last summer as an adult. The other three fields were in the single digits. Some of the fields saw tens of thousands and others saw just a few thousand. The latest updated the count on the lake to 200,000 on … [Read More]

Nebraska Snow Goose Hunting 3/1/16

Today snow geese rolled into the lake. There was a lot on it midday. Most of them are likely birds that left South Dakota from the snow and cold. If the wind wouldn’t have died a couple of the fields it would have likely been bloody. In those fields big mobs of snow geese would … [Read More]

Nebraska Snow Goose Hunts 2/29/16

Today the hunting picked up some from yesterday. High field was 18 birds with this bonus yellow neck collared Ross goose. It was banded 8/10/2004 as an adult. I would estimate there was at least 100,000 snows on the lake during the day and others roosting on smaller bodies of water here and there. Low … [Read More]

Nebraska Snow Goose Hunting Reports 2/28/16

Sunday was slow hunting. The wind blew very hard all morning 35 mph with higher gusts. Everybody saw very few birds. A trip to the lake showed us very few birds returned to it mid day. Friday there was 900,000 birds on it and that afternoon was a very impressive flight. Lower and south winds … [Read More]

Nebraska Spring Snow Goose Hunting Report 2/27/16

Another average day hunting snow geese in Nebraska. High field was 25. The wind blew very hard today. It’s suppose to do the same tomorrow. I’ve been getting a lot of calls about the snow goose migration. Many are worried that the all the birds are moved north. Some have however there will be more … [Read More]

Nebraska Snow Goose Hunts Report 2/26/16

Congrats to Hunter on a nice pair of snow geese. Today hunting was average high field shot 23 and low shot 11. The flight tonight was very impressive but the birds were really high with no wind. The next couple days the wind will be a lot stronger so the birds should be lower to …

Nebraska Snow Goose Hunting Report 2/25/16

Today the wind blew pretty hard. Too much wind can be just as bad as not enough. Ideal wind is about 10-15 mph. Curt hunted a group today and they had a good day shooting 22 snow geese. We set another spread today. While setting the snow goose spread we had plenty of snow geese … [Read More]

Nebraska Snow Goose Hunting 2/25/16

Yesterday we set spreads and unpacked gear at the lodge in Nebraska. I went to the lake in the middle of the day to see how many birds where there. I was glad to see a good sized raft of snow geese. Using google maps measuring tool I estimate the size to be 1.3 miles long … [Read More]

Nebraska Snow Goose Hunting 2/23/16

Field conditions for those coming into Nebraska to hunt snow geese this weekend is dry. Meeting time is 5:15 am at the lodge. A map with directions is in your confirmation packet. The above picture of the two banded snow geese that Up North Outdoors, Inc. snow goose guide Curt shot Monday as he hunted … [Read More]