February 5 was likely the coldest day of our snow goose season. It was 20 degrees at shooting time. We have certainly hunted in a lot colder but not this year. Things went fairly normal for a cold day. Snow geese from the north migrating back south was most of the early morning then it […]

Last Pick

Today started with fog and no wind. The forecast was for an NW wind however it was out of the SW or W most of the morning depending on which field the guides were in. Today’s high temp got to 56 degrees and we were peeling off clothes only to have a front blow through late […]

Youth Duck Day

Today is youth duck hunting. So far this morning the guides are sitting around drinking coffee and telling stories. After 18 years of guiding we have some favorites that we like to tell often. One of the first years I started guiding hunters an older guy told me I should keep a journal of all […]

Drop In Temps

This morning was zero wind and as typical, the birds would not finish as well as we would like them to. Mid-morning the wind picked up and the birds started working better.  All but one field was in double digits with the high field being 51. The picture with the post is of one of the […]

Strong South Wind

Today was another really good day overall. A couple of the fields were around the low side of that average range (10-30) with a 9 & 11 but we had several fields that were well above that range too. High field shot 63 and the average was 28 birds/field. I’ll take that as an average […]

Solid Day

Today wasn’t as good as yesterday but in the scheme of things, it was a solid day. To start the day we had a north-west wind and frost on the decoys. The high field was 64 birds and the low field was 22. If any of you would like to get in on the fun we […]

Meeting Time 4:30 AM

Tomorrow is the first day of the conservation season for 2018. I think we will be off to a good start. We are seeing good numbers of birds daily. More than enough to keep the days interesting. The flocks we are glassing have a good number of juvy’s in them. We have openings yet so if […]

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Meeting time for Monday with be 4:30 am. It rained most of the morning not sure of the amount but we didn’t really need it. Several of the guides bought some breathable wader to wear until things dry. You should come expecting to have some mud to deal with. When it’s muddy we need to […]

It was a flurry of activity with the new arrivals (guides). Everything is going really smooth with the setup. One of the fields set today had a big flock of snows land in the decoy spread as the guys were at the truck. That really got their hearts pumping. We are looking forward to seeing […]

Three More Pull Into Town

Three more of the guides arrived yesterday afternoon. Our goal is to have all everything ready before the rain falls on Saturday.  I will head back south Friday morning with the last load of gear. Most of this is just support equipment, tools, and extra gear. We have found over the years that having extra […]

Odds & Ends

Tuesday I drove home to get the last trailer packed up. Curt and Jim set more decoys and started organizing/setting up shop. Several of the guides will be arriving in the next two days to help finish the preparations. Looking ahead to this coming week we should be in great shape for the snow goose […]

We arrived in Arkansas last night to a warm-up in the weather. As usual, the snow geese rolled out of the south with the warm-up. It would have been a good day to have been hunting if the conservation order was open. One week from tomorrow it begins.