Year: 2019

2019 Spring Snow Goose Hunting Season Recap

The 2019 snow goose season can be described in many ways – awful, lousy, poor, and rough all come to mind. My favorite description and the one I feel is the most accurate is rare. It’s rare that we have a season this bad. In nineteen years of guiding hunters, we have only had two … [Read More]


It started raining today at about 9:30 am. One group left when it started raining shooting 3. The other group lasted until early afternoon shooting 5. One of the guides drove around looking to see what was in the area. He saw plenty in the area but most are in the Missouri River bottom roosting … [Read More]

A Few Ross Geese

Today we saw more honkers than snows migrating north. There were also a few Speck and Sandhill Cranes. High field shot 13 white geese. One snow and 12 ross geese. Tomorrow looks like we have some rain in the forecast.  

Bird Number Dropped

There was a bird change in the number of birds today. One group hunted all day. They were rewarded for the persistence with 16 birds. They didn’t see a ton of bird but what that saw showed interest. For the last several days we saw mobs upon mobs of birds pay us no attention. I … [Read More]

Big Push Today

Thousands upon thousands of birds where over the decoy spreads. There was a big push north. This morning they didn’t pay us very much attention. This afternoon there was a few that cooperated. We are starting to see some Ross geese. 

Sheep Dog

We decoy a sheepdog today. Although we saw thousands of birds pushing north the dog was about the only thing that thought the decoys looked interesting. He laid there for a while hanging out. Then he when he decided he had enough he walked back home. Saw lots of birds pushing north today but it … [Read More]

Rainy Day

Today it rained most of the day. There is a lot of water in low lying areas from the rain and melting snow. Several of the towns near the Missouri River in danger of flooding. Unlike in Arkansas, we have high and dry on rolling hilltops. Tomorrow our first group hits the field. The wind … [Read More]

Drilling In The Rain

How do you get windsocks in the ground when it’s frozen? The answer: 18-volt cordless drill, a long masonry bit, & lots of batteries, &  rain gear today! All of the decoys are in the ground. Today it rained pretty hard but that didn’t slow us down. Later in the afternoon, a thick fog moved … [Read More]

Iowa’s Timing Is Looking Good

The first of several spreads was set yesterday. There is a little snow on the ground. Most will be gone by Wednesday when the temps near 60 degrees. Rain is in the forecast for 3 days but after that is looks like a very good forecast for us. We saw a small number of snow … [Read More]

Looks Like A Break In The Weather

It looks like we will get a change in the weather. For once it is for the good. Temps have been revised up. We resume hunts Friday the 15th. Looks like the weather will be treating us good. There is a ton of snow goose in central MO and IL. These birds should be moving … [Read More]

Goodbye Arkansas

Here is the last decoy to come out of the ground in Arkansas. We are all packed up to move north. While doing that we noticed that one of the trailers had two tires that were bald. Upon further investigation, we found that the leaf spring was broke on one side. Jim will hang out … [Read More]

2nd To Last

One group from Iowa came to Arkansas. Today is their second. They had a decent hunt, 19 birds. The guides hunted another field until 11 am. We then pulled that rig for the eventual move to Iowa. The guides shot 11. All of the birds in the field the guides hunted were ross geese. The … [Read More]

Changes For Those Hunting March 8-14

Brad will be calling guys hunting March 8-10 & March 11-14. Above is the 10-day day weather forecast for Iowa. It doesn’t look favorable to snow goose hunting until March 15th. There are other weather app’s that show much warmer temps but so far this season the weather channel app has been the most accurate … [Read More]

Hanging Out In Arkansas

The guides are just hanging out at the house now that water is back down. This morning we hunted until about 10 am. After leaving the field we worked on repairing and pack gear in hopes that someday Iowa will unthaw and we can get back to guiding snow goose hunters. It was a good … [Read More]

Preparing For The Move

We pulled decoy spreads today. A couple spread were left in spots that are traditionally better later in the year.  It was a nice sunny warm day. The next couple of days there are south winds and warm temps. I think we are going to hunt in the morning and work in the afternoon.  A … [Read More]

Best Day In A While

Today was the best day we had in a while. All the fields that hunted a full day were in double digits. One field hunted the afternoon shooting only 1. The thunderstorm we had was overblown. We really only had to take a couple hour break in the middle of the day. In the afternoon … [Read More]

Seen A Bunch Shot A Few

Several of the fields have a ton of birds by them. Those that hunt those fields see thousands of snow geese. Most want little to do to with us.  It’s never been this hard, but yet it is. 

Out Of The Swamp Into The Tundra

Groups hunting Iowa March 1-7: We are going to have to do something different due to the colder and wetter weather pattern this year. Brad will be calling you and giving you three options. You can move to Arkansas hunting anytime between Feb 24-March 3rd. Currently, there are a lot of birds in the area … [Read More]