Travel Recommendations

We recommend driving to Saskatchewan. Some of you have long drives and understandably would rather fly. There are risks associated with flying. Mother Nature works on her own schedule and there are times when we will need to adapt by having you change the dates or location of the hunt based on the weather. When this happens there will […]


The cost of hunting Saskatchewan is very reasonable: Non-resident License $116.00 & Wildlife Habitat Certificate $11.00.In addition to the hunting license you will have to register you firearm at customs when entering Canada. Gun Registration Fee is $25.00.

Bird Cleaning

All of the ducks, geese, and sandhill cranes that you harvest will be cleaned for you by your Saskatchewan waterfowl guides.  Just as in the USA, Saskatchewan bird hunters are required by law to leave a wing attached to the meat for identification purposes. Once cleaned you store your waterfowl in coolers for the return trip home.