Travel, Lodging, & Meals

Travel: On our spring snow goose hunts the vast majority drive to the location we are hunting. Understandably some of you have long drives and would rather fly. There are risks associated with flying. The snow goose migration is weather dependent. Mother Nature works on her own schedule and there are times when we will […]


A couple lucky hunters with a pair of banded snow geese. Arkansas Spring Snow Goose Hunts: No federal or state waterfowl stamps are required to hunt during the conservation order in Arkansas. Hunters must have a valid hunting license, but it may be from any state. All hunters participating in the conservation order must get […]


Snow Goose Hunt Rates The spring snow goose season is a short 45-50-day window. To maximize this small window, we book a 3-day hunt Friday-Sunday and a 4-day hunt Monday-Thursday. The exception to this is around the Arkansas one day youth duck hunt the first weekend in February. We offer a 5-day snow goose hunt […]

What You Need To Bring

We provide all of the blinds, decoys, electronic callers, and any other equipment required in the field. While we appreciate the offers to bring your own equipment we prefer to use ours as it is proven, effective, and familiar to us. The laydown blinds have padded seats however some hunters like to bring a little […]

Bird Cleaning

Bird cleaning is done by your guide with assistance of the hunting party at the end of the days hunt. By law a wing needs to be attached to the meat for identification purposes. We use the Wing Slinger™ bird cleaner to remove the breast with the wing attached. We dispose of the cleaned carcasses […]

Inclement Weather Policy

We take pride in being able to successfully decoy these wary birds. Our snow goose hunts are run during the most productive parts of the spring snow goose migration. Even so weather can play a role in hunting success. If weather issues develop we rely on our years of snow goose hunting experience and the […]

Keeping You Informed

We keep our hunters informed. You can follow our season in a couple ways. The first option is to follow our blog posts on this site. You can find them on the right side of the Home Page under the heading Recent Posts. Most of these posts will also end up on our Facebook page. […]

Annual Snow Goose Harvest

The Numbers Don't Lie! The following is our annual harvests of snow geese. They total 60,969 snow geese harvested since we started running snow goose hunts in 2001. Depending on the weather and time availiable we guide anywhere from 25-50 days each spring: 2017:  3277 2016:  2516 2015:  3426 2014: 3707 2013: 5835 2012: 5516 2011: […]

Our Strategy

What You Need To Succeed! Our hunts take place on private leases over 2000 Deadly Decoys™ windsocks. These are a high end windsock decoy that has an internal BackBone™ support that gives them a full body and unrivaled realistic movement even with low wind speeds. These two features in addition to their striking feather detail […]

Spring Snow Goose Hunts In Arkansas And Iowa

Over the years, we have guided snow goose hunts in several states including Arkansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and South Dakota. During the 2018 spring season we will be hunting in Arkansas and Iowa. Our spring snow goose hunts take place in major migration corridors. There are untold numbers of flocks that migrate through these areas, providing great […]