More Like Average

The hunting has slowed some in the last couple days. Plenty of birds but it appears that the number of juvy’s has dropped. Snow goose harvests in our field have dropped from almost all juvy’s to 80% adults. We are still having a fair number of days in the 30’s and 40’s which is still good very good snow goose hunting compared to most years but if you compare it to the above average snow goose hunting we had in February it has slowed some.

I think this year can be called the year of the wind. My god did it blow yesterday…40+. Sat 30+ and today is forecasted 25-35 mph. Ideal wind for snow goose hunting for us is 10-15 mph. I would rather have low wind conditions over this howling high winds we have been having. It’s hard for our snow goose hunters to even hear the shot being called.

Yesterday high field was 39 snow geese. There was another 38. These were full day hunts. The final full day hunt shot 12. Those who hunted until only noon saw slow hunting.