Keeping You Informed

Keeping our hunters informed is a very high priority of ours. You can follow our season in a couple ways. The first option is to follow our blog posts on this site. You can find them on tab above by clicking "Hunt Reports". All of our hunting report posts also end up on our Facebook page. Follow us on Facebook or read the Hunt Report on our website, either option will give you access to hunting reports, meeting times, field conditions, and whatever else we feel you need to know. We use these pages as a communication tool with our hunters. You can check them daily but it is important that someone in your party follows the posts for a few days prior to leaving for your hunt. If there is any important announcement you will find them posted there. These hunting reports stay on the website. If you are someone considering hunting with us these posts can be a research tool showing you we do what we say we are going to do.

Hunt Report Screenshot