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On our spring snow goose hunts the vast majority drive to the location we are hunting. Understandably some of you have long drives and would rather fly. There are risks associated with flying. The snow goose migration is weather dependent. Mother Nature works on her own schedule and there are times when we will need to adapt by having you change the dates or location of the goose hunt. If this happens those that fly will likely incur some additional fees charged by the airlines. As long as you understand this and are willing to take this risk then book your flight. If this potential added cost will be a burden to the snow goose hunters in your party then we suggest that you drive.

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Our hunters stay at local motels. We will provide you with the phone numbers to the motels we stay at in Iowa. In Arkansas, we are near a larger town and a quick search will give you a lot of options at various price points. All of the information to find these motels is in the confirmation letter we send once the hunt deposit has been paid. It is your responsibility to call and make those reservations. Motels rate vary from location to location.

Spring 2016 Food

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Meal are on your own. There is a wide range of things hunters do. Some groups bring coolers and grill. Others eat at restaurants for all their meals. A commonly asked question is "will we be in the field all day?" Our guides stay in the field as long as there are hunters in the decoy spread. Many of them stay even if the hunters leave for lunch. If you plan on staying in the field all day you should bring snacks, lunch, and drinks (no alcohol).