What You Need To Bring

We provide all of the blinds, decoys, electronic callers, and any other equipment required in the field. While we appreciate the offers to bring your own equipment we prefer to use ours as it is proven, effective, and familiar to us.

  • The laydown blinds have padded seats however some hunters like to bring a little extra padding with them. Many find a workout or yoga mat works well. If you decide to bring one make sure to get a closed cell foam type so it will not absorb water.
  • Non-toxic shotgun shells. Most shoot 12 gauge, 3 or 3½ inch, steel shot size 2’s to BB’s.
  • Camo clothing and face mask for warm and cold weather. Waterproof (Gortex) is preferred. Dress in layers.
  • Food or drink (non-alcoholic) you may need while in the field.
  • Camera to capture the hunt on film.
  • Cooler to store and ice down your cleaned birds.
  • Rubber boots or field boots are all that is needed most of the time. Most years waders are not needed however if conditions become muddy waders will make hunting more enjoyable. We normally post on our reports page if waders are a good idea.

Hunters should help with the decoy spreads when necessary. The vast majority of our hunters are asked to do very little. When the guide feels a change is needed the more help they get the sooner we will be back to hunting.

Snow Crawfish Blue during hunt