Inclement Weather Policy

We take pride in being able to successfully decoy these wary birds. Our snow goose hunts are run during the most productive parts of the spring snow goose migration. Even so weather can play a role in hunting success. If weather issues develop we rely on our years of snow goose hunting experience and the weather forecast to try to predict how the geese in our area will be affected. As long as we feel there is a good chance for success we will hunt unless weather conditions become dangerous. Occasionally groups are asked to postpone their hunt due to unfavorable weather conditions. When we offer you the option to reschedule it is most likely in your best interest to follow that recommendation. There are almost always some parties choose to hunt the original dates rather than reschedule. If you choose to hunt when we recommend you to reschedule it is at your own risk and odds are hunting will be slow. Rescheduling of the hunt can be done in the remainder of the current or future season as the schedule allows. Bad weather is not your fault nor is it our fault. This policy makes the best of a bad weather situation. Postponed hunts don’t happen that often but when they do most of the time rescheduled hunters do far better on the new dates than they would have on the original dates. When you book a hunt with us make sure everybody in your party understands our policy on postponed hunts. We will not refund money. The only option for inclement weather postponements is to reschedule your dates.