Our Strategy

What You Need To Succeed!

deadlysOur hunts take place on private leases over 2000 Deadly Decoys™ windsocks. These are a high end windsock decoy that has an internal BackBone™ support that gives them a full body and unrivaled realistic movement even with low wind speeds. These two features in addition to their striking feather detail make Deadly Decoys™ one of the most effective decoys during the spring snow goose season. The blinds we use are lay down style. They provide excellent concealment, comfort, and mobility. Our electronic callers are capable of producing sound quality of the utmost clarity. A large spread of realistic decoys, movement, and sounds are the keys to successfully decoying snow geese. We have put a major emphasis on refining these areas over the years. Additionally, we have several subtle tactics that we use to set us apart. These little things are what make our hunts so consistent and successful.

spring-snow-goose-hunts-300x225Most of our hunting is done over semi-permanent or migrator spreads. This means we hunt the same fields daily, moving only when we feel it’s necessary. We hunt near very large concentrations of staged and migrating flocks, decoying them as they fly over us. Since 2001 this has proven to be a very successful. Our measure of this success is not only the more than 50,000 snow geese we have harvested but also the high percentage of repeat clientele.