Weather Delay

We are not going to hunt Fri-Sun Feb 25-27. Iowa has been off to a rougher start. Today we got one spread in the ground that took 5 hours to set with seven people. Usually, we use cordless drills to punch holes for our decoys in the ground. The cold made the battery life short. With the generator running, the chargers blinked too cold to charge. I made a trip to the hardware store to buy corded drills. We then threw the generator in the ATV trailer, plugged in some extension cords, and we were off to the races. Tomorrow, with the lessons learned from today, we will have a better system that should cut down the setup time.

When you have stuff like this happen, you think, maybe we should have stayed in Arkansas a few more days. Denise called this morning, and she said, have you looked at the weather in Arkansas. I hadn’t, but I was glad we were not down there once I did look. I would much rather be drilling holes in the dirt than pulling decoys with 1/2 inch of ice on them.

On the bright side, the weather looks perfect for the hunter starting Feb 28. The high temperature of over 50 degrees. Most of the days with a south wind. You couldn’t ask for better migration weather.