Spring Snow Goose Hunts & Guided Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunting

Spring Snow Goose Guide

Our spring snow goose hunts take place in major migration corridors. Untold numbers of flocks that migrate through these areas providing great decoying action.

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Saskatchewan Waterfowl Guide

We are currently taking booking for 2019 Saskatchewan waterfowl hunts. The zones we are licensed to guide in hold large numbers of Snow Geese, Canada Geese, Specklebellies (Whitefronted) Geese, Mallard Ducks, and Sandhill Cranes.

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Snow Goose Hunting

Duck Hunting

If you are looking for a late winter or early spring hunting adventure we offer spring snow goose hunts with some of the finest action in the Midwest. Since 2001 we have established a long track record of running very successful snow goose hunts. Up North Outdoors, Inc. employs a staff of highly skilled spring snow goose guides that hunt over large spreads of the best snow goose decoys and equipment to ensure that you have a quality spring snow goose hunt when you book with us.

Our hunts are run in multiple locations as we follow the snow geese on their northbound migration. We start hunting near the end of January in Arkansas where large numbers of snow geese have spent the winter months. As the spring migration gets underway snow geese that wintered farther south begin moving up from the Gulf Coast States and Mexico. After most of the snow geese have migrated north we leave our Arkansas moving north to run our Iowa snow goose hunts.

From late February through mid March you will find us on the western side of Iowa hunting snow geese. This area in Iowa has some staged birds but more importantly is a migration corridor. We catch a lot migrators moving from Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge (recently renamed Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge) as they leave the refuge heading for South Dakota. There is a consistent churning of the flocks as new birds migrate in from the south and staged snow geese migrate farther north.

During the fall of the year you will finds us on the beautiful prairies of Saskatchewan starting 2019. We are licensed in 4 zones in the SW portion of the province. Large numbers of Canada Geese, Specks, Snow Geese, Sandhill Cranes, Mallards, and Pintail inhabit our zones. The best Saskatchewan waterfowl hunting occurs from late September through early November

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