Snow Goose Hunting Reports

March 7th

We started the day with 1-2 inches of snow on the ground. The one thing about snow is that the light reflects upon the birds, displaying their beautiful coloration. The bad thing about snow is it makes for tougher snow goose hunting. Iowa has already been a tougher go than Arkansas. We didn’t need it. … [Read More]

Weather Delay

We are not going to hunt Fri-Sun Feb 25-27. Iowa has been off to a rougher start. Today we got one spread in the ground that took 5 hours to set with seven people. Usually, we use cordless drills to punch holes for our decoys in the ground. The cold made the battery life short. … [Read More]

Arkansas Last Day

Watch this video on YouTube We are heading to Iowa in the morning. It should be about 9 hours of driving if all goes well. Our last day hunting in Arkansas was good. Our high field shot was 90 with the low field shooting 8. My field shot 19 birds but one was banded. It … [Read More]

Feb 19 Snow Goose Hunting Report

Watch this video on YouTube The second to the last day was not a barn burner. The high field shot 29 snow geese, and the low field shot 5. There are tons of birds around, but there are heading to mega feeds. Once there, they sit and eat all day. Feb 20 is our half-day … [Read More]

Mixed results best describe today’s hunting.  Our best field shot 39 snow geese. It was also the field that shot the cool bird in the thumbnail. Some call them a blue phase ross goose, other call it a hybrid. I call it an awesome bird that is pretty rare. It decoyed with 7 other ross … [Read More]

Feb 16 Snow Goose Hunting Report

Hunting on Feb 16 was solid with our low field shooting 7 geese but all the rest of the fields ranged from 22-40 snow geese. With the exception of the low field a very nice day. Feb 17 rained a lot! All but one group decided that they were not going to hunt on their … [Read More]

Feb 15 – There She Blows

Holy wind Batman. The wind was howling at times today. Way too much; yes, there can be too much wind. Results were good, except for one field that shot 7. They did have a massive flock tornado in tight that was loaded with Specks; therefore, they couldn’t shoot. They would have likely gotten a bunch … [Read More]

Feb 14-15 Snow Goose Report

Watch this video on YouTube Feb 15 was a solid hunting day. The morning started with low winds conditions before the sun got high in the sky. The birds worked like champs but would hang up just out of gun range. Once the sun was up in the sky a bit higher, the wind picked … [Read More]

Feb 9 – Snows Pushed North

Today was a fantastic day. There were a lot of migrators, and they decoyed well. The field I was in didn’t see the number of birds the others did, but we still shot 29 snow geese. Our best field shot 103 geese, and our slowest field shot 23. The low field could not shoot at … [Read More]

Feb 8 – Some New Birds Moved In

We got a warm-up in both temps and hunting. The melting ice made for some pretty muddy fields. Hopefully, they will dry out quickly. There wasn’t the number of birds moving that I thought I would see but still more than enough to keep hunting interesting. Our low field shot eight, and our high group … [Read More]

Feb 7 – Snow Melted

It was a cold start to the day. Snow / Ice in the field made the bird do the same thing they did the last few days. However, by the afternoon, almost all of the white was gone. Then the birds started giving us a better look, although the no wind kept the kill total … [Read More]

Feb 6 – Single Day Hunters

Today was a slow day. All of our fields were in the single digits. Unfortunately, most of the hunters we single day hunts around the youth ducks season. It is one of the reasons I’m not too fond of single-day hunts. They are what they are, good or bad. You don’t have other days to … [Read More]

Feb 5 – The Youth Duck Hunt

We set 2 fields because it was the youth duck hunt. The weather was nice. The ground was not frozen, so they went into the ground quickly. The weed whacker with the grass blade allows us to cut a boatload of stubble in no time. It is the best thing I have bought in a … [Read More]

Arkansas Feb 3, 2022

We had some weather today. It didn’t turn out as bad as it could have, but it certainly slowed the hunting. The drive in the morning was a slow go, and the ride back was even slower as the road were worse. Arkansas doesn’t have the equipment I see in Iowa to move snow and … [Read More]

March 13 – A Slower Day

Watch this video on YouTube Today was the first in a while where everybody, but 1, had single digits. These days happen. The number of snow geese in the area remains solid. There are two staging areas that are holding good numbers. We just need the right ones to fly over the fields. Looking at … [Read More]

I Know – I Missed A Day

Yes I missed a day of posting yesterday and I have not been doing videos. All of this due to the most precious commodity in the world. TIME or lack of it.   The hunting the last few days has been a carbon copy of most of the hunting for us in Iowa. A little better … [Read More]

It Blew So Hard…

A decoy body was ripped off the stake flying 200 feet in the air until you couldn’t see it anymore. Now that is some wind! We had mixed results today but that is getting to be a pretty typical scenario for 2021. The highest field shot 30, low was 0. We are in for a … [Read More]


  We got our first band of the year. As we get deeper into the conservation order the bands come by harder and harder. They don’t band snow geese like they once did in the early years. Hunting today was a little slower than the last few days, half the fields were in the average … [Read More]

Solidly Average

Another solidly average day. Our best field shot 29, a big group of family that all wanted to hunt together. There is always one field that goes astray and they shot a 0, saw plenty but no players I guess. They happen at times.   Iowa’s success is far and away better than what we saw … [Read More]