Month: March 2011

Fields Are Being Set

Today we set fields. Those that are snow goose hunting this weekend will have a much longer drive than normal. We have to go to where the birds are right now. Because of the long drives we will be leaving the lodge at 5 am and hunting until 6:30 pm. We should leave the field … [Read More]

Of Course….

We took out one group that choose to come even with the adverse weather. Yesterday was a nice day. This morning I wake up and it is snowing…of course it is! We are suppose to have 2-4 inches here but the temps look good. I don’t think it will last long.

Ready to Roll

We have moved south 3 hours to Mitchell, SD. There are a good number of snow geese in the area. We have a group of snow goose hunters coming in tomorrow. For those coming in Monday everything is a go except we will not be able to use the lodge. Lodging will be motels and … [Read More]

Those hunting 3/24-3/27:

Those scheduled to hunt snow geese this coming weekend need to talk with me before you leave for your hunt. The area that we normally hunt doesn’t have a large number of birds in it currently. The closest place with good numbers is about 50 miles to the south of us but it is extremely … [Read More]

Moving to SD

Today we are moving to SD. Our hunts don’t start until Thursday but we are tired of dealing with the birds in Mound City. Last Monday was the last good day we had. I don’t think I have even had a year when the tail end was this tough. I thought with this year’s hatch … [Read More]

Last Day In MO

Today is our last two groups in MO. There is a pretty good number of birds on the refuge but we are still shooting mainly adults. Where are the Juvy’s? Typically we are smashing the young birds this time of the year and with the tremendous hatch I’m a little confused as to what has … [Read More]

Just to Clarify SD Hunting.

I only need to hear from those hunting March 21-24. Those hunting March 24 on should be in good shape. There are birds showing up just south a Aberdeen in small numbers. Temps look good for snow melting. I would prefer to move those hunting March 21-24 back a week to March 28-31. If that … [Read More]

SD Hunts starting March 21

SD Hunters coming in March 21-24 please call my cell phone to discuss option for your hunts. Birds are currently not that far north and I have a couple options to discuss with you.

Juvy are Here

Today we shot 373 snow geese. The half day hunters ranged from 0-16 while our full day hunts stacked them. The 4 fields that hunted all day shot 29, 85, 91, and 103. We also broke 4000 birds for the year with 3 weeks of hunting left. Tonight we could get up to 3 inches … [Read More]

Safety is No Joke

This is why we stress safety! It takes just a split second for an accident to happen. Today a left handed and a right handed shooter crossed shooting lanes and one shot the other in the barrel. Thank god nobody was hurt. An accident is an accident but that split second of carelessness can lead … [Read More]

Tipping you Snow Goose Guides

Our guides work hard for our hunters. Their day doesn’t begin or end at the field. It doesn’t begin and end with the season. It’s a year round job to have everything in place for you guys. All of them are working 2-4 hours above and beyond the time they spend in the field with … [Read More]

First 100 bird day of the year

Cory was the first to break the 100 bird barrier this year. Lots of Juvy’s showed up yesterday. The snow goose hunting still remains a little sporadic. We have not had a day where all of the fields have pound the birds but I’m sure we will. High field was 130 and low was 4. … [Read More]

3/6 Hunting

Today’s hunting (3/6) was a little slower than the previous 4 but the average was normal. We had two fields that shot 39 birds. My field we shot 24 and got a white neck collared Ross. That is the first neck color we have shot since the 2009 spring. We didn’t get one in 2010. … [Read More]

Good Hunting Continues

Yesterday was our biggest day of the year…408 total birds harvested. High field was 92 with several 50 plus fields. The confusing part is we had 4 fields in the single digits. Those hunting in the single digit fields saw plenty of birds they just flew over. Why one field they dropped into and others … [Read More]