Month: February 2011

Tougher Snow Goose Hunting

Since the snow fall the hunting has been tougher than it had been. Today’s temps should almost take care of most of the snow. Friday high field was 64 closely followed by a 59. On the other side of the coin we also had several in the single digits and our first zero of the … [Read More]

Screwed Up Morning

The snow stopped shortly after my last post. Still any snow is way more than I would have liked. Some of the groups went out on time while others met later.

Unexpected Bad Weather

The snow storm that was suppose to give us 1-3 inches of snow has turned into a blizzard. Due to this we will likely be hunting later in the morning if not noon. I just came from town and the roads are drifting. We have heard reports of up to 8 inches or more snow … [Read More]

One More Day

Yesterday was another great day in the field. Tryg shot another 50 snow geese. The 4 day group has shot 70, 24, and 50. Wish we would I could have gotten more hunters for these early dates. We would have piled them up this year. The Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge is stacked with snow … [Read More]

Wrapping up loose ends

The last two days 6 of us have been setting the snow goose decoy spreads. The last one goes in today. One of our field still has a little mud but all of the rest are dry dirt. The forecast is calling for some Snow/Ice Thursday and Sunday with a little colder temps than what … [Read More]

First Guided Snow Goose Hunt 2/21/2011

The 2011 season is 21 days old and snow goose hunting has been stellar. I’m getting reports of superior hunting from hard core snow goose killers. One in particular told me in 2010 that these were the toughest birds he had seen and they were. Today he told me he has never seen a year with such … [Read More]

First Day…

  There was a big snow goose migration today. Today was also our first full day in the field with hunters. They shot 70 snow geese. Just goes to show that you can’t out guess the migration. Early can be very good! I have always said Feb 20-March 20 is the best window for NW … [Read More]

Birds Continue to Move Up

I’m back in Mound City. There are a number of snow geese in the area with migrating flocks of snow geese moving up throughout the day. I stepped outside at about 10 pm last night and snow geese were flying over. The refuge still has a bunch of ice on it but the snow goose … [Read More]

Early 2011 Has Been Awesome Snow Goose Hunting!

If you don’t have a 2011 Spring Snow Goose Hunt booked yet it’s not too late. As of 2/17/11 we still have a couple awesome dates available.  The reports I have been getting speak of excellent hunting when it wasn’t snowing. One of my past employees says he has never seen a year like this…it … [Read More]

Snow Goose Hunts – First Day In The Field

Jim, Billy, and Adam hunted today but not as early as planned. They pulled the ice eater from the pond and on the way back a tie rod on Billy’s truck broke. I don’t think they hit the field until about 10:30. They ended up shooting average day of 20 snows. Not bad. There is … [Read More]

Snows Moving North

There has been a large movement of snows into Missouri & Kansas over the last week. Yesterday was the first day our snow goose guides saw flocks of snows in Mound City. They have been seeing honkers and speck’s since Sunday. Jim, Billy, and Adam are taking a morning off work to hunt snow geese. … [Read More]

Forecast has been revised…up

Tonight Feb 12 Partly Cloudy 29° Sun Feb 13 Partly Cloudy 53°/30° Mon Feb 14 Sunny 48°/30° Tue Feb 15 Mostly Cloudy 49°/36° Wed Feb 16 Mostly Sunny 58°/47° Thu Feb 17 Partly Cloudy 62°/47° Fri Feb 18 Sunny 53°/25° Sat Feb 19 Mostly Cloudy 38°/27° Sun Feb 20 Mostly Cloudy 41°/26° Mon Feb 21 … [Read More]

Early 2011 Spring Snow Goose Hunting Outlook

It is still early into the spring snow goose season but all the report I have been getting from the good snow goose hunters paints a much brighter picture than the reports I had gotten about their 2010 snow goose hunts. The birds are working much better and there are already a fairly good number … [Read More]

Forecast looks promising

I really don’t like to put too much weight in these long term forecasts because they seem to change wildly but with all of the weather we have been having in the Midwest I’m starting to get some calls from guys. I’m especially interested in the Feb 12-17 when the temps are going to be … [Read More]

Better Decoying Snow Geese

The last couple days I have talked with several outfitters that are running hunts down south. All of them are saying the birds are working much better this year. The weather is not great right now. I have reports that Mound City got 13″ of snow with this last blast. We are already working on … [Read More]

Conservation Order Starts Today

Feb 1 is today and it’s the start of the 2011 Conservation Order commonly referred to as the Spring Snow Goose Season.  At Up North Outdoors, Inc. we have developed our own Spring Snow Goose Migration Tracking network for our hunters. Look at the bottom on the home page and you will see a blue … [Read More]