Snows Moving North

There has been a large movement of snows into Missouri & Kansas over the last week. Yesterday was the first day our snow goose guides saw flocks of snows in Mound City. They have been seeing honkers and speck’s since Sunday. Jim, Billy, and Adam are taking a morning off work to hunt snow geese. They just can’t help themselves. Temp’s today are supposed to near 70°. There are a large number of birds near Grand Pass that showed up yesterday afternoon. Our guide Cory is hunting there with friends today. I fully expect to see snow geese on the refuge on Sat morning when head back to Missouri.

Ice on the refuge is very black. The ice eater on our pond has done its job. Billy says that about half of it is open. The mild temp’s have helped. He will not walk on the ice over the deep water where we can’t put the ice eater anymore. Sunday when I helped him put it in the pond the ice was 6-8 inches thick. Today he says it is 3 or less in spots. The ice on the pond isn’t nearly as black as the ice on the refuge which likely means there is less on the refuge.