Month: January 2014

Arkasnas – Cold Ends Today

Tuesday was cold. Yesterday was cold but it warmed in the afternoon some and the hunting picked up a little. Almost everything shot was juvy’s. Overall the first three days has been slower than the last few years but the weather is much colder than normal. Today is suppose to be 45 degrees so we … [Read More]

Arkansas Snow Goose Spreads Are All Set

We finished setting the last three snow goose spreads today. Today was a beautiful 60 degree. The snow geese pushed north although not in the numbers that we saw yesterday. Tomorrow is supposed to be 29 degrees for the high. I imagine all of those birds will be rolling back from the north heading back … [Read More]

Arkansas – Last Day Of Duck Hunting

Just finished 3 days of duck hunting in AR. Today was the best. In 3 days we shot 49 ducks. Great time…lots of fun. Way different than hunting ducks back home. On the snow goose hunt side of things. The temps have turned colder. There was a lot of birds in the area until 2 … [Read More]