Month: January 2016

Arkansas Snow Goose Hunting Reports – 1/31/2016

Yesterday was the first good push of snow geese heading north. Mostly scattered smaller sized flocks but they were on the move. This morning the wind is blowing hard from the south with a high temp of 65. Bet we see more heading north today. We still have our eyes on the approaching storm. Looks … [Read More]

Arkansas Snow Goose Hunting Report – 1/27/2016

She has a good life sleep-eat-hunts repeat. We (Kali & I) arrived in Arkansas last night. The snow goose guides set two spreads. Today we will set three more. Yesterday there was also a push of snow geese from the south. The guides saw it here. They saw it in southern Missouri and our guide … [Read More]

Arkansas Snow Goose Hunting Report – 1/25/2016

I’ve spent the last several weeks getting gear ready. Most of our snow goose guides headed to Arkansas on Sunday. They will be making contact with our farmers, surveying field conditions, and making a few new contacts so we have the best locations to set our snow goose decoy spreads. It sounds like this year … [Read More]