Month: July 2011

Spring Snow Goose Decoy Spreads

The number of snow goose guides has exploded in the last decade about as fast as the snow goose population itself. The new outfitters are trying to find their niche while the established snow goose guides try to stay on the top. At times this will lead to a lot of hype, some of its … [Read More]

2011 Snow Goose Hatch

I have gotten my first creditable information the 2011 Snow Goose hatch. What I have been told is the eastern arctic snow goose colonies had a hatch similar to last years. The western side of the arctic had a good hatch as well which is the first in 5 years. A good hatch all the way around will make … [Read More]

Spring Snow Goose Hunt Pictures

We have added a lot of the pictures that we have taken since 2001 on our guided snow goose hunts. We have hunted a lot of people over the years.  It really amazed me how many stories, names, and faces I remember. I’m in the process of adding a caption to some of the snow goose … [Read More]