Weather Change

With a change in the temps, we also saw a change in hunting success. It warmed up nicely with a south wind. That usually means birds are moving north. They did and we had a solid day. The high field was 53 birds (guys had a subliminal message for their sweeties they left at home) […]

Stale Birds

We need to get some birds migrating. The birds we have in the area have been here a while and are getting tough to hunt. High field shot 41 and second high shot 34. All the other fields ranged from 0-8. Tomorrow and Thursday are going to have a warm-up with a strong south wind. […]

Reality Check

Snow goose hunting success is based on 3 things. Weather Shooting Hatch If you don’t have #1, the other two don’t matter. Such is the case today. Cold temps have stalled the migration and pushed birds back south. Our fields saw birds for a very short period of time and most had no intention of […]

Heading North

I’ve met the groups this morning and now I’m heading north to finalize a few things for our Iowa hunting. I plan on only being up there a few days but if it turns out to be longer those coming in to hunt in the next week will be contacted by your guide the night […]

Water World

This morning we woke to a little coating of ice. It really wasn’t that much but one group decided not to hunt. It is really not that bad as long as you bring waders. If you have them you won’t get wet. If you don’t you will be wet almost immediately. All but one field […]

Weather Blues

We got a lot of rain last night. Check out the video Gerald posted on his way to the field this morning. It’s wet, bring waders. It’s not going to dry for a few days. The good thing about Arkansas is most fields are leveled to drain. With some sun and wind, they dry fast. […]

Today was the first warm full day with a south wind. The snow geese started pushing north yesterday afternoon and continued to push all day today.  Hunting was really solid today. Nothing huge with a high field of 41 and a low field of 14. Average for today was 30 birds/field. Solid day of hunting […]