Month: February 2013

Missouri – Snows a melting

The sun was out today and the 3-4 inches of snow we got is beginning to melt. The refuge had around 100k and another roost had another 30k. Guys are seeing plenty of snow geese. At noon the high field had 31 snows and low had 2. Those hunting this weekend should be fine. Forecast … [Read More]

Missouri – Hunting Conditions

The hunting conditions in Missouri are not as bad as expected. We have 4 inches of snow so far from the foot plus predicted. The hunters that choose to hunt this weekend are out in the snow goose decoys. Temperatures are looking like they are supposed to hoover at or below freezing for several days. … [Read More]

Missouri Snow Goose Hunts – No Snow So Far

We woke up expecting snow but we haven’t gotten any yet. It is suppose to start about 9 am and get real heavy in the afternoon. Yesterday hunting was slow in the morning but the afternoon picked up. High field was 44 and low was 14 on a the full day hunts.

Missouri – Thursdays Weather

I know a number of you have been following the snow storm that is headed our way. As usual the weatherman can’t tell us with any certainty what is going to happen. Two days ago they were saying 4 inches of snow…not too bad. Yesterday they were saying 11 inches and now today they have … [Read More]

Missouri – Mound City Meeting time

Meet at the clubhouse at 4:30 am. The Squaw Creek Refuge is loaded up. Looks like snow in our future. Radio just said up to 4″ possible. Today we are finished setting fields with our snow goose decoy spread. Monday our hunts begins.  

Missouri – Mound City

We have been hunting in both Mound City and Arkansas the last few days. After seeing the refuge count was over a million snows I left Arkansas for Mound City, Missouri. There are a lot of snow geese in the area…lots. Yesterday we shot 69 with a double banded snow that had a $100 reward. … [Read More]

Missouri – Squaw Creek Refuge Bird Count

Squaw Creek posted its latest count on their Facebook pages. Over one million snows. That is a lot of birds. I’m going back there tomorrow to start hunting a group in Mound City on Thursday. Arkansas snow goose hunts have been great. Today was 55 and 33 in the two fields. Most of North and … [Read More]

Arkansas – Sunday Thunder

Thunderstorms roll through on Sunday. We hunted 4 hours at most. We are not going to hunt when the sky if full of lightning. The two field shot 32 and 14. Both said the birds worked great. Last Friday Squaw Creek NWR was reporting 250,000 birds. Birds have been pushing north all week through Arkansas. … [Read More]

Arkansas – Mixed results today

Yesterday we shot 54 and 14 in the two fields. The field that shot 54 had lots of bird come from the north east and saw lots of migrators. The hunters had a half day hunt until noon with 31. Billy and I hunted the afternoon and shot 23 more. The field that shot 14 … [Read More]

Arkansas – Second Day in Arkansas

The second day in Arkansas our guide Jim took 3 hunters who have never snow goose hunted before and they shot 119 birds with one band. They hunted the same field as we hunted the day before. It has been pretty good snow goose hunting down here so far this year. Those coming in to … [Read More]

Arkansas Snow Goose Hunting

The first day of Arkansas is in the books and it was a good day. Although there was low wind and rain most of the day we still ended the day with a very respectable number of birds. If you are looking for an area that has lower hunting pressure and a lot of birds … [Read More]

First Day of Arkansas

The first day of our AR hunts was above average. We ended the day with 34. Conditions were low wind and rain. Majority of the birds were juvy’s. Good sign.

Guides Motel

The guides staying at the Days Inn & Suites – Truman 400 Commerce Dr Trumann, AR 72472. This is the same motel we will be leaving from in the mornings for the hunt. Hunters should make a reservation here…870-483-8383. Price is $65 plus tax for a double room. We are in rooms 211 & 212. … [Read More]

Lodging for those hunting Feb 4-7

Days Inn Trumann 400 Commerce Dr, Trumann, AR (870) 483-8383 This is where we are going to have our hunters stay for the Feb 4-7 hunts. It is a nice newer motel and located about half way between the fields we have lined up. I still don’t know if this is where we are going … [Read More]