Missouri – Hunting Conditions

The hunting conditions in Missouri are not as bad as expected. We have 4 inches of snow so far from the foot plus predicted. The hunters that choose to hunt this weekend are out in the snow goose decoys. Temperatures are looking like they are supposed to hoover at or below freezing for several days. The next warm up looks to be next Thursday according to the weather forecast.

I’m going to be driving around a bit today. Tonight I will get the snow goose guides input as to what they were seeing in the fields today.

The birds have not been using the Squaw Creek Refuge all this week because it’s mostly frozen. Snow geese have been  roosting on farm pond in the hills. Our guides have been seeing plenty of geese. Yesterday we shot 34 on a full day hunt and 26 & 17 on the half day hunts. Two days ago 144 birds were shot between the fields…High was 44, Low 14, average 24 birds.