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Here is a picture of one of the hunters barrel from yesterday. He had dropped the end of his gun in mud and thought he cleaned it out. I guess not good enough. We take safety as a very important part of our spring snow goose hunts. Please be safe. This could have been much … [Read More]

Snow Geese in Arkansas

The snow goose guides are seeing pretty good number of geese in the areas we hunt this morning. One of the farmers texted me saying “they are everywhere today.”

2015 Spring Snow Goose Season Outlook

I sometimes wonder if the snow goose population is so large today that every year will be considered a good hatch. I have largely remained silent on this years snow goose hatch because frankly I fear my hunters are going to start thinking I’m the boy who cried wolf. The snow goose hunting reports I got from Canada … [Read More]

2014 Snow Goose Hunting Recap

There were a number of weather challenges this year causing us to postpone more days than in any year in the past. Much of the spring snow goose season was unseasonably cold with many days 20-30 degrees colder than normal. Mother Nature gave us a couple crippling ice and snow storms that froze our equipment … [Read More]

The Weather Or The Hatch?

The 2014 spring season proved without a doubt that the number one factor in the success of spring snow goose hunters is the weather. It has been often debated which has the biggest influence in hunting success. Is it the snow goose hatch or the weather during the snow goose season? We have always said … [Read More]

Back In Business

Today it warmed up. The guides and I spent the day knocking ice off the decoys. Most of the ice and snow has melted. The spreads look good as new again. There was a small push of snow geese today. Tuesday into Wednesday they are forecasting 3-5 inches of snow. The forecast (if it holds) … [Read More]

Merry Christmas Snow Goose Hunters

We would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas. The last several weekends have been spent working on getting things ready for spring snow goose hunting. The first spring snow goose hunts start January 27, 2014 in Arkansas. I have the entire set of new caller batteries wired. The caller’s sound quality has been checked … [Read More]

2013 Fall Snow Goose Reports

In the last two weeks I have been getting a lot of reports from hunters and guides of amazing snow goose hunting in North Dakota this fall. Several have said 50% of the flocks are young birds. This is a great sign for the upcoming 2014 Spring Snow Goose Season. In the next couple week … [Read More]

Missouri Duck Hunting

We have been hunting for about a week with good numbers of ducks in the area. Refuge count is 130,900 mallards. Temps have been pretty warm but one of the fields has a little sheet water that we have been hunting. Today it was just Adam and myself. Fun morning 6 drake mallards, 4 teal, … [Read More]

USFWS 2013 Snow Goose Status

On July 24, 2013 the USFWS released it 2013 Waterfowl Population Status. The Mid-Continent Population Snow Geese and Ross Geese are the birds we hunt the most but I do like to pay attention to the West Central Population as well because I believe they mix to some extent with the birds we hunt. Below … [Read More]

2013 Snow Goose Hatch

We have gotten a number of reports from different sources that the snow goose hatch this summer was above average. This would make it better than last year’s hatch which I honestly thought was not all that bad. There seemed to be plenty of grey birds in the flocks and harvest. The only time there wasn’t was during the … [Read More]

Summer Time

It’s hard to believe it is almost the 4th of July. I’m well ahead of schedule this year. All of the gear is ready for the 2014 spring snow goose season. It should be about the time of year when we start hearing snow goose hatch rumors. The 2014 brochures we mail mid-June and many … [Read More]

Arkansas Snow Goose Hunting

The first day of Arkansas is in the books and it was a good day. Although there was low wind and rain most of the day we still ended the day with a very respectable number of birds. If you are looking for an area that has lower hunting pressure and a lot of birds … [Read More]