First Hunts in Mound City, MO

Today is our first snow goose hunt in Mound City for the year. I will be nice to get back into the hunting routine after a week of non-stop pulling and setting snow goose decoys under wet conditions. Yesterday morning we set our last two spreads. The first was in the rain at about 5 am. The second we originally went to set then a big black cloud rolled in and it hailed. It was .250 diameter or smaller but in just a few minutes the ground was white and it was lightning. The second attempt at the second spread was in a snow storm. Then late in the afternoon it was a fairly nice day…weird weather this year from day one of¬†our Arkansas snow goose hunts.

We saw a pretty fair number of snow geese¬†yesterday while setting spreads and flying over the house. Today is a south wind and 50 degrees…hopefully we will see more.