Month: February 2009

Average Snow Goose Hunting

Snow goose hunting was average today. Several fields were in the 30’s. Tonight we are suppose to get 2 inches of snow but this coming week looks to be very good weather. We have space if anybody knows someone that wants to do a last minute hunt.

Second Weekend Of Hunting

We finished our second weekend. Snow goose hunting over the weekend was average. Sat had high winds which makes shooting for our snow goose hunters more of a challenge. The snow geese can bank into the wind and be gone in the blink of an eye. High field over the weekend was 69 and low … [Read More]

600K On Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge!

The refuge is reporting 600,000 snow geese currently. That is slightly above a normal peak level and about two weeks early. I still feel we will have bird through March 20. If we don’t it will be the first year we have not held birds until then. Last year we came to close up the … [Read More]

Started With A Bang – Ended With A Bust.

Our 2009 spring snow goose seasons started with a bang on Friday and ended with a bust on Sunday. You can usually whack them during the storm but after the storm passes they become tough to hunt for a few days. This weekend was no exception to that rule. Friday AM the snow storm hit … [Read More]

First Snow Goose Hunt Of The Spring

We hunted today. I have never seen this many birds so early. There has to be 200-300,000 snows here right now. The three of us ended the day with 38 birds. The picture is a little blurry because it was taken with a camera phone. Here are my thoughts on the bird numbers. This is … [Read More]

Moving To Mound City

This morning I left the house at 5:30 headed for Marshall, MO. The reports on the website were saying 140K however after arriving and burning several tanks of gas driving around I got the feeling that there wasn’t that many there anymore. I did find them though, or should we say they found us. Mound … [Read More]

Snow Goose Report

I’m leaving tomorrow for Mound City. A couple of our snow goose guides have been down there for a couple of weeks. The number of snow geese in the area is up and down. When we get warmer weather the snow geese move in and when it temps drops the birds move out. This coming … [Read More]

The First Migrating Snow Geese Arrive

The leading edge of snow geese have migrated into Missouri. The snow goose guides that are in Mound City say there is about 40K on the squaw creek national wildlife refuge. Central MO is reporting 30K. Knowledge can be a dangerous thing and I’m always a little hesitant to post about these early arrivals. So … [Read More]