The First Migrating Snow Geese Arrive

The leading edge of snow geese have migrated into Missouri. The snow goose guides that are in Mound City say there is about 40K on the squaw creek national wildlife refuge. Central MO is reporting 30K.

Knowledge can be a dangerous thing and I’m always a little hesitant to post about these early arrivals. So before those of you that are worry about such thing get too bent out of shape by this development…No – I don’t think this is early for the first birds to show up, No – I don’t think you booked too late, Yes – there will be snow geese in Missouri the entire time we are running our hunts. This is very typical and there has been a number of years we have hunted honkers the last day of the season and then the next day shot snows in NW Missouri on the first day of the conservation order which by the way opened two days ago. This is very normal to see happen.

I’m leaving for Missouri on Feb 7 and will head to central Missouri on the 9th and snow goose hunts start on Feb 13.