Second Weekend Of Hunting

We finished our second weekend. Snow goose hunting over the weekend was average. Sat had high winds which makes shooting for our snow goose hunters more of a challenge. The snow geese can bank into the wind and be gone in the blink of an eye. High field over the weekend was 69 and low was 4. The low field saw a lot of bird but nothing would work the snow goose decoys. The 69 bird field said everything bombed right in to there decoy spread. Both the high and low field happened the same day. Sunday the half day snow goose hunters shot 14 by 10 am and the full day hunters shot 29 and 25. There remain lots of snow geese in the area. They are not all using Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge to roost on at night. Last night they flew off late in the afternoon. There are juvys in the flocks but not the large numbers we saw hunting last fall. It’s early and we still have plenty of season for them to show up.

Those snow goose hunting this coming weekend meeting time will be 5 am.