Month: January 2019

Same Old Same

Today was a repeat of the entire week. This morning it was really cold. All of the water was frozen. During the morning hunting, we saw very few birds. In the afternoon the number of birds picked up as the temps hit the lower 40’s. Unfortunately, the wind died so the birds we saw hung … [Read More]

Same Story

Today was cold. From daylight to about 9 am we saw birds heading south escaping the polar vortex I guess. Hunting was slightly better than the last two day.  High field shot 16. Tomorrow we will see warmer temps with a south wind. This will start several days of warm weather with south winds. This … [Read More]

Down In The Valley

Every snow goose season has peaks and valleys. The 2019 season has started in a valley. On the bright side most of the hunters this week hunted last year as well so they have seen the two extremes of a snow goose season. It looks like the polar vortex is only going to affect us today … [Read More]

First Day

The 2019 start to the season was much slower than the last few years. The weather was also much different, cloudy with some rain. We saw plenty of birds but they were on a mission heading north riding the south winds. During the last 2 or 3 years, there had already been birds pushing north … [Read More]

We Begin

The birds pushed north again today. We saw lots in the am. The PM flight was right before dark but the continue to move north when we were just outside.  Those hunting in the morning good luck. Those hunting with us the fields are somewhat wet so waders would be a good option. Meeting time … [Read More]

70 Degree Swing

I left Decorah this morning it was -20 and arrived in Arkansas at 50 degrees with the last load of gear. There was a south wind so the geese were moving north. It would be have been a good day to hunt snows. I saw way more birds today than earlier in the week when … [Read More]

Ahead Of Schedule

  We are ahead of schedule this year. Everything is falling into place nicely. There are some birds around, not the most we have seen and not the fewest. Today – Monday we will see warm temps and south winds. Tue-Fri looks to be colder. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some movement north through Monday then … [Read More]

Prep Work Continues

The prep work continues as we get all the gear, blinds, callers, trailers, and the rest ready to kick off the season Jan 28. Most of the rest of the guides rolling to town tomorrow. Everything is shaping up nicely. 

Who Said Winter Was Over In January?

We made the trek south arriving in AR late yesterday. All the way down the ground was white. Remember everybody saying winter was over? I got a lot of those calls, comments, and emails. My reply was “I’ve never seen winter over in January and I have never seen snow last to the 4th of July.” … [Read More]