Month: February 2014

Missouri – Calm down a little

Those of you hunting March 6 and later need to wait a few days before I’m going to make any sort of call on your snow goose hunt. We are 8 days or more out from your hunt and there is no way to tell if what is forecasted will be true. If you look at different … [Read More]

February 25th, 2014

I would like to thank all of the snow goose hunters that have been involved in moving your hunt dates this year. It has so far been a pretty painless process for me compared to other years I have had to do something so major. It is really appreciated.  I still have a couple groups … [Read More]

Feb 28-March 2 & March 3-6 Snow Goose Hunters

Feb 28-March 2: The odds of me postponing your snow goose hunt is pretty high. The temps this weekend in addition to 2-4 inches of snow we are suppose to get Sat into Sun will almost certainly push all of the birds out of the area. There are less bird yesterday than the day before … [Read More]

It’s Not Muddy Anymore

The mud has frozen so for the mean time we don’t have to slop in the mud but it is not a good thing…we don’t need more cold. There is a good number of snow geese in the area but the are mostly adults, they are pretty directional in their flight paths, and their is a … [Read More]

Crystal Whites, Cold, and Mud

There are a fair number of snow geese in the area. Well over 100K in my estimation. Right at first light they rolled out of the south and west in big numbers. They didn’t roost on the refuge at night but sure piled back in to sit on the refuge during the day. We are … [Read More]

Snow Goose Hunters Meeting Time

Snow goose hunters coming in to start hunting 2/20/14 meeting time is 4:30 am at the yellow house. Come prepared for wet conditions. It rained last night and the forecast says snow today which will only add more water to the fields when it melts.

Forecast Has Changed

We are up getting ready to set the last three snow goose spreads…its thundering. A quick check of the forecast and the weather has changed from 1.8 inches of rain to 2-4 inches of snow.

Setting Snow Goose Decoy Spreads Today

Today we set decoy spreads…my goal was 6. If it hadn’t started lightning we would have gotten all 6 spreads set. It is tough conditions as the ground is still frozen. I have heard the refuge count was 18,000 but I have no way of verifying it. To me it looked more like 30-40K. Either … [Read More]

Mound City

Today it reached 63 degrees. Most all of the snow in the fields has melted. There is still a little but not too much. The refuge has a very small amount of water open on it in the Snow Goose Pool. There was a lot of dark geese on it when I drove through about 10 … [Read More]

Weekend Recap

Arkansas has a lot of weather issues. The local new man said this was the coldest winter in 100 year. As with any time the weather is well below normal the snow goose hunting is below normal. This weekend we had normal weather and the hunting showed. We shot more birds Thursday-Sunday than we shot … [Read More]

Rainy But Good Snow Goose Hunting

Friday was our best day of the year in Arkansas. Total harvest 261 snow geese. It rained a pretty fair amount. Three of the field didn’t do that great but the other 4 fields shot 74, 62, 62, and 37. Today looks to be sunny and warm. It will likely be a good one.

Weekend Forecast Looks Good

Today is the last of the colder weather. Todays high 32-35 degrees depending on the source. Tomorrow is in the 40’s and the weekend into the 50’s. We are going to set another decoy spread today. Mound City forecast looks good as well. They are still forecasting in the 50’s next week. Snows will be … [Read More]

Restless Snow Goose Guides

It has been a very restless several days for the guides. Being in a motel room for several hours a day is fine but being in a motel room 24-7 grows old. We have pushed all of our snow goose hunters that were coming in Mon-Thursday to different dates so now we just have to wait … [Read More]

Back In Business

Today it warmed up. The guides and I spent the day knocking ice off the decoys. Most of the ice and snow has melted. The spreads look good as new again. There was a small push of snow geese today. Tuesday into Wednesday they are forecasting 3-5 inches of snow. The forecast (if it holds) … [Read More]

Arkansas Weather

Here is the forecast for Jonesboro. They are calling for 3-5 inches of snow on Tuesday. Those hunting Fri-Sun should be ok if this forecast holds true. So far this year the actual has been colder than the forecast. Also note the averages on the 19-22…50’s…we have not see the 50’s for some time now. [Read More]

Mound City Forecast

I have been getting a few calls from snow goose hunters wondering if Arkansas is so cold what about Mound City? We watch the weather pretty close and this was today’s long range forecast. If it holds true we will be in good shape. Those hunting AR later this week into next weekend the forecast … [Read More]

Weather Conditions

The pictures below are from a couple of our snow goose spreads. Our hands are pretty much tied until we get some warm weather. Everything has a ton of ice on it and only warm temps will change that. Hopefully this weekends forecast holds (36 Sat, 40 Sun). We should be able to clean up … [Read More]