Month: January 2020

Do You Have Your Game Face On?

For most of the day, the transition from the motel to the house went pretty smoothly. Late afternoon things started to pile up. We worked through it. WE ARE READY for tomorrow’s opening day. Good luck to all you snow goose hunters. There were a few migrating flocks of geese that flew over the house today … [Read More]

We Are Ready To Go…

Tomorrow in a.m. we will pack up at the motel and move into the house..YES! So far this year has been going really smoothly. Birds are in the area, it should be a good start to the season. Two of the guide drove to Mack’s this afternoon. They said they saw a ton of snows … [Read More]

More Prep Work

Today we set several more decoy spreads. This year the crawfish hole has water in it again. It’s been several years since that was the case. Tomorrow we set that last two decoy spreads, that should be done before noon. Hopefully, we can get into our house on Friday evening after the duck hunters pack … [Read More]

Jan 28 – 4 Days To Opener

There are a lot of geese in the area. Today was foggy, it was hard to see very far. Even so, it wasn’t too hard to find small flocks like this one feeding.  There is a lot of speck around…lots. More spreads were set and most of the guides arrived in town. We should be … [Read More]

Hello Arkansas

We made the trip yesterday. Although the weather in Iowa has not too terrible this year, it was a significant change when we hit the AR border, and it was 57. We saw several flocks of snows on the way down. Today we met with farmers and looked at fields. There are a lot of … [Read More]

Heading South Tomorrow

I have been told by Brad and Denise, via hunters calls that we have been lacking in my posts this year. Sorry guys, it has been a crazy busy month. I did make one post a few days ago when Jimmy arrived but there was some sort of glitch and it didn’t go to Facebook. … [Read More]

Jimmys Back!

Jimmy rolled into town Monday night. That is a sure sign that the snow goose season is about to start. We are organizing and going through the equipment to make sure it is all in working order. The stuff that is not working or broke we fix. Barring weather we will be hitting the road … [Read More]