Day 1 Iowa

The first day of our Iowa hunting would fall into the slow category. There are a bunch of birds, but we were sword fighting with mean adults. The guides that I talked to said they saw plenty, but no wind in the morning hurt them. The high field shot ten, and our low field shot […]

Several Long Days

Sunday and Monday have been some pretty long days. We are out of our guiding routine, so our sleep schedule is all off tilt. Sunday we pulled spreads. Monday packed up all our gear then drove 8 hours up to Iowa. Today two of us touched base with landowners the rest set 3 fields. There […]

Stick & Stay

Today was pretty slow, the high field shot 25 but the low field was 0 and we had two 1’s. Not a great day in the snow goose fields, but they happen. Persistence pay off, our guide Curt had one group left at about 10:30. At that time they had 1 goose. I guess they […]

Cold Front

This morning started warm and humid, then a cold front pushed through. Temps dropped throughout the day. Midday it rained pretty hard. Only one group hunted all day, most of the rest quit when it was down pouring.  It is incredible how fast this year is going. Sunday, we pull up stakes and head for SW […]