Month: February 2020

Improvement On Day 2

Day two in Iowa was better. A couple of the groups had a pretty solid hunt. Our high field shot 36 snow geese, the low field shot 7. This morning they guys saw a ton of geese but they didn’t work too well. Our forecasted weather looks good. Oh, the picture is of a blue … [Read More]

Day 1 Iowa

The first day of our Iowa hunting would fall into the slow category. There are a bunch of birds, but we were sword fighting with mean adults. The guides that I talked to said they saw plenty, but no wind in the morning hurt them. The high field shot ten, and our low field shot … [Read More]

Tomorrow We Begin Again

We hunted this morning, shooting three and eating breakfast by 9 am. We should have had two more, but I said one more pass, and the bird left. It was the first flock of the day that worked us so I had to see. Should have known with a wind speed of “calm” that if … [Read More]

What Blinds?

Today we set the rest of the decoy spreads. Oh, how we love rolling hill terraced cornfields. Tuck those blinds into the dip on the terrace, find some foxtail, stubble those blind up, poof gone! The green arrow points to a row of laydown blinds. You can’t see them. Tomorrow morning we are going to do … [Read More]

Several Long Days

Sunday and Monday have been some pretty long days. We are out of our guiding routine, so our sleep schedule is all off tilt. Sunday we pulled spreads. Monday packed up all our gear then drove 8 hours up to Iowa. Today two of us touched base with landowners the rest set 3 fields. There … [Read More]

Arkansas Is A Wrap

Yesterday was our last day, which was a half-day hunt until noon. The last weekend we run hunts we do this to allow us to be able to pull spreads. We had all of them out of the ground by 6 pm. We made quick work pulling the more than 12,000 decoys over a 70-mile … [Read More]

Tomorrow The Spreads Get Pulled

Some of the fields saw birds pushing north while a couple didn’t. The high field today is 23, pictured is the 2nd highest field. It’s late, I’m tired, and the picture isn’t downloading so I will take #2. Tomorrow at noon, we are calling it quits in Arkansas and moving north to Iowa. There are … [Read More]

Stick & Stay

Today was pretty slow, the high field shot 25 but the low field was 0 and we had two 1’s. Not a great day in the snow goose fields, but they happen. Persistence pay off, our guide Curt had one group left at about 10:30. At that time they had 1 goose. I guess they … [Read More]

Rain, Snow, Sun

The days started in the upper 30’s. It rained, heavy at times with some snow mixed in between the raindrops. It was windy and cold this morning. In the afternoon the sun came out. Most of the fields had action early then didn’t see much the rest of the day.   I put on some … [Read More]

More Of The Same

Today was a cold start, with lots of wind. It was one of the few days we have had sun and wind. We did average today, the high field shot 31, while the low field shot 5 for a 16 bird average. Teen’s and twenties are average hunts. I’m busy laying the groundwork for our … [Read More]

Cold Front

This morning started warm and humid, then a cold front pushed through. Temps dropped throughout the day. Midday it rained pretty hard. Only one group hunted all day, most of the rest quit when it was down pouring.  It is incredible how fast this year is going. Sunday, we pull up stakes and head for SW … [Read More]

Windy But Cloudy

Today was mostly overcast, but at least we had wind. The high field had a great hunt, 43 snows. The low field shot 0. There was a definite push this morning. But it was pretty short-lived.  

Good Push – No Wind

There was a pretty good number of birds that moved north today. The forecast and the actual weather & wind didn’t line up. We had some sun but there wasn’t much for wind. Birds would hang up tall. High field shot 25 and the low field shot 4. Several of the groups left around noon … [Read More]

South Wind – 13 MPH – Not So Much

This morning was cold, with no wind. Depending on what field you hunted, you may or may not have had wind. The field I shot had wind from about 8:30-11:00. So had no wind all day, others didn’t have wind until the afternoon. Same with the birds, all saw plenty, others didn’t see too many.  … [Read More]

Froze Up

It was cold for Arkansas today. We did have a lot of birds in the area. Not anymore, have wings will travel. This morning it was 21 degrees. All the birds the guides saw were from the north heading south. One did really well, it was the high field of 37. The rest of the … [Read More]

Slow Day

Today started cloudy, about noonish, the sun came out, and the birds stopped flying. We are in a bit of a lull. Today was a slow day for us. High field shot 13, and we had two field shoot 0’s. We need a change in the weather, there are a bunch of birds around, but … [Read More]

Rained Today – Look What A Drone Shows Us

Since it rained today, only 1 group hunted until 9:30, and then they quit too. There are a bunch of birds in the area; we might even get more given the cold that is rolling in the north of us. However, I would just as soon it turn warm, sunny, and they start pushing north. … [Read More]

A Little On The Slow Side

Today was colder, some times drizzled. There is a boatload of birds in the area but it’s time to get some warmer weather and move them north. The high field today shot 16, the low field shot 2. Today was pretty similar to yesterday.  Tomorrow we are supposed to have a bunch of rain. A … [Read More]

Ladies First

How many girls you know want to go on their senior trip to Arkansas and hunt snow geese? This one did, and here she is with her first goose, she smoked it, CONGRATS!!!  Hunting today was a little on the slower side. It rained this morning, the wind switched to the north, and the temps … [Read More]