Ladies First

How many girls you know want to go on their senior trip to Arkansas and hunt snow geese? This one did, and here she is with her first goose, she smoked it, CONGRATS!!! 

Hunting today was a little on the slower side. It rained this morning, the wind switched to the north, and the temps dropped. The high field shot 20. The low field shot 3. All the other groups fell in the 8-11 bird range. We will call this a slower day. 

On a bright note, we surpassed our total harvest for last spring, only nine days into the season. For those of you that didn’t hunt in 2019, it was our worst year in 20. We shot only 931 snow geese during the 2019 spring. At the end of today, we have harvested 967 snow geese with 30 days of hunting left.