Month: January 2021

The Fields Are Set

We are in the house, the fields are set, & anticipation is high. When we hopped into the trucks to go set the last spread it was 52 degrees at 7 am. All-day the temps dropped and the wind switched from the south to the north. It is almost 9 pm and snow geese are … [Read More]

Keep Calm & Stubble On

Everything is done that we can do right now. All but one field is set, it would be but when we got to the field there is 30 dozen speck and snow full-bodies in the field. I text the farmer who is on vacation in FL and he said nobody was supposed to be in … [Read More]

More Decoys In The Ground

Lining up the flyers… The guys saw some birds today but not as many as yesterday. Yesterday they saw a bunch of snow geese both going north and south. Today it rained and snowed. I’m at home yet, but from the weather forecast, it looked like most of MO got a little snow out of … [Read More]

Setting Spreads

              Poking decoys in the ground…hopefully, there will be lots of squawking snow goose at 20 yards on Monday. If you want to book yet this year… …Arkansas during the week has room but the weekends are almost full. Iowa we have room the first weekend and the last weekend, … [Read More]

We Have Arrived

I made a quick turn and burn trip to AR this weekend with gear. I’m back home for a few days. Curt, Jim, and Truman also rolled into Arkansas. Today Gerald, Drew, and Brock arrived… It looks like we have the decoy setting crew ready to start poking decoys in the ground. Field conditions were … [Read More]

Getting Ready

When these two guys show up it is a sure sign snow goose season is about to begin. They have been busy packing trailers and getting gear ready.