Month: January 2015


Here is a picture of one of the hunters barrel from yesterday. He had dropped the end of his gun in mud and thought he cleaned it out. I guess not good enough. We take safety as a very important part of our spring snow goose hunts. Please be safe. This could have been much … [Read More]

Arkansas’s first week

The first week of hunting was very good. We shot 1140 snows. High field was 102 with many over 50 bird days. Low field was today with only 3 birds shot. For whatever reason the bird only flew around for a little over 2 hours in the morning and maybe 30 minutes tonight. Youth duck … [Read More]

Arkansas – First two days of snow goose hunting

Hunting has been very good so far this spring. Lot of juvy’s. I have not posted any pics yet because we are having internet issue at the new house. Once I have that taken care of I will post some. Yesterday High field was 86 low 13. Today high field is 85 and low field …

Arkansas – Setting Spreads

Tomorrow we will set our last 3 spreads. Those of you that are coming in hunting Monday call me on my cell 563-419-3572. I have not decided where we are meeting. We have rented a house instead of staying the motel. There is a very huntable number of snows in the area. We say plenty … [Read More]

Arkansas – FairBridge Inn & Suites

The FairBridge Inn & Suites is under new ownership and they are not nearly as friendly as the old. We have had several groups call now that say when they checked there reservations it was not there to when we booked we were told one rate and now they have almost doubled it. We ran … [Read More]

Hoodies and Clothing

Because we don’t have a main base like we did in Missouri. We have decided to not bring all of the clothing along with use. If you want hoodies, hats, or shirts call Denise at 563-382-0530 and she will take payment and ship the items to you. It normally only takes a couple days to … [Read More]

Snow Geese in Arkansas

The snow goose guides are seeing pretty good number of geese in the areas we hunt this morning. One of the farmers texted me saying “they are everywhere today.”

Guides Arrived In Arkansas

Our snow goose guides Jim, Billy, and Cory arrived in Arkansas tonight. There was a little bad weather in Iowa which added a couple hours to the trip but all arrived safe and sound. They will start getting ready for the snow goose hunts tomorrow.

Arkansas Lodging Finalized

I made a trip to Arkansas last week to make sure we had a place to stay and look at some of the fields we hunt. One of the farmers we lease ground from has a farm house he is renting to us. There is only room for the snow goose guides to stay in … [Read More]