Month: February 2017

Feb 25 – Good Bye Arkansas

We, I guess when I say “We” I mean Curt, Ryan, and Jeremy shot 35 snows today including a banded blue goose. I helped another outfitter out an hour away with something before shooting time and by the time I got to the field they had already shot 27 of the 35. We hunted until … [Read More]

Feb 24 – Guides Hunt Day 2

Day two of the guides hunt turned into an early morning unplanned competition of sorts. There was no consensus on which field to hunt. So, we split up into the three fields. Five of us hunted the field by the house shooting 62 snows, two shot 31 with a banded juvy, and the way east … [Read More]

Feb 22 – The 410 Club

Today is started out cloudy and hazy but gave way to sun early. We had two fields hunting. One shot 45 seeing plenty of birds and a few migrator flocks. The other field saw only a couple hundred birds, no migration to speak of, and shot 7. The field they were in has been a … [Read More]

Feb 20 – Last Week Starts Of Good

Today we down sized the number of fields we had set. We are down to only 2 groups of hunters this week. We have pulled all but 3 of our spreads. All the gear has been gone through and loaded into the trailer ready for 2018. The two fields shot 37 & 35 snow geese. … [Read More]

Feb 19 – Blue Phase Ross

For the second year in a row right at the end of season we managed to kill a Blue Phase Ross goose. The hunting was solid high field shot 43 and low was 12. Most were in the upper 20 or low 30’s. Average was 26 snow geese. Everyone had good shooting. The day started … [Read More]

Feb 18 – Rain To Start The Day

As we woke this morning we could hear the rain coming down at a good clip. Fortunately, it only lasted until about shooting time. The day remained overcast. Sunny days are usually better than cloudy. Even so the day turned out to be good. High field shot 41 and low field was 6. Average was … [Read More]

Feb 17 – Back On Top

After 4 or 5 days of slower hunting today things turned around. It was our second best total harvest day of the year so far on our Arkansas snow goose hunts. A strong south wind pushed new birds up from down south. At day break the air was full of birds. The afternoon slowed down … [Read More]

Feb 16 – Banded Snow Goose

South winds made a difference today. Birds started rolling out of the south on a regular pace until early afternoon. Most were on a mission to head farther north but a few gave us a look. Most of the fields were in the teen’s. We got our third banded snow goose for the year. Arkansas … [Read More]

Feb 15 – Slight Improvement

3 There was a slight improvement in the hunting yesterday. High field shot 19 low was 1. There was a couple others in the teen’s as well. The groups that are hunting right now hit the longest slow period of our season. Several of them hunted last year when hunting was awesome. It all averages … [Read More]

Feb 14 – Long Drive Scouting Snow Goose Numbers

Today it has pretty much rained all day. Sometimes rather hard. High field is 15 snow geese. Several groups didn’t hunt and others only hunted for a short time. They shot little or nothing in conditions not great for snow goose hunting. We have been getting a lot of calls about bird numbers. There is … [Read More]

Feb 13 – 2K Today

There is no doubt we are in a valley right now. Although there are scattered flocks most of what is here has been beat up over the last several days. High field shot 19, all the others were in single digits with one zero. Slow hunting really but on the bright side starting Thursday and … [Read More]

Feb 12 – Slower Hunting Today

We are picking up a few more snow geese in the area. Not a ton of them but when drive around there is a few smaller sized bunch here and there that were not in the area over the last week. The hope is that migrators following them will join their buddies and our number … [Read More]

Feb 9 – Today Slowed

  Today was the first slow day in a week. Many of the hunters had good shoots earlier in the week and long drives home so they left very early in the hunt resulting in very few being shot. High field was 22 snow geese. There was some snow north of us yesterday and the … [Read More]

Feb 8 – Wind Switches To The North

  Our string of good days continued. In nine days of hunting we have shot over 1500 snow geese with an average of 22 birds per field per day. There are lots of juvy’s this year. It will be interesting to see how the tail end of the migration plays out it could be a … [Read More]

Feb 7 – Lightning Show To Start The Day

Feb 7 started out with thunderstorms. It is far too dangerous to hunt in lightning so the guys set it out their trucks until it quit about 8 am. The light show was worth the price of admission. Once the storm stops the birds usually fly and decoy. Today was no exception to that rule. … [Read More]

Feb 6 – Foggy Snow Goose Hunt

Today was a little better than Sunday. It was foggy in the morning. At maximum, you could see ½ mile most of the morning. The problem with that is although the geese can’t see as well it is also harder for them to find your decoys on our migrator spreads. They usually migrate above the fog. … [Read More]