Feb 19 – Blue Phase Ross

For the second year in a row right at the end of season we managed to kill a Blue Phase Ross goose. The hunting was solid high field shot 43 and low was 12. Most were in the upper 20 or low 30’s. Average was 26 snow geese. Everyone had good shooting.

The day started out with a bang. Not in a good way either. Curt, Aaron, and I were waiting for the last group of guys to arrive for the morning when we hear a horn and a bang. We looked to the road to see a US mail contractor truck on two wheels almost flipping over before landing on all 4 wheels and stopping. Then we see what it hit. It was Curt’s hunters. Nobody was hurt but the truck didn’t make the trip back to Wisconsin. I drove them to Memphis Airport which was the closest rental car place. They had two good days of hunting. Too bad the last day had to end on a sour note.