Feb 13 – 2K Today

                               Slow Day Today!

There is no doubt we are in a valley right now. Although there are scattered flocks most of what is here has been beat up over the last several days. High field shot 19, all the others were in single digits with one zero. Slow hunting really but on the bright side starting Thursday and for the next following 7 days there is a forecast of a good south wind. When I say, good I mean 10-15 mph.  Even though today was slow we ended up passing the 2,000-bird mark for the season. That is more than last year with a week of hunts left.

A lot of our hunters are getting nervous about their hunts coming up. The weather has been very warm this year. If we have a good number of birds below us and south winds we should be good through the end given the wind forecast. Tuesday I’m going for a drive south. By daylight I will be an hour or two south of us looking to see what remains. That will give me a picture of what to expect.