Feb 10 – There She Blows, A Windy Day Snow Goose Hunting in Arkansas

The wind switched back out of the south with huge gusts making shooting more difficult. You had one good crack at them, once the snow geese caught the wind they bugged out fast. With 30+ mph gusts we couldn’t run the rotary machines and we kept the flyers in the low position.

Bright moon tonight with a south wind. Snow geese will move at night with these conditions. Hopefully a few stop and hang out for a while. We have a few birds staged in the area but more would be better. I have gotten reports from several different sources saying lots of bird to the south of us.

For the day we had a 24 birds average. High field was 78. That field saw plenty of birds and shot as many in the afternoon as they did the morning. Low field shot 3 and didn’t see much. All the other fields were 10 to 33 snows. It was a good day except for the hunters in the low field.