Feb 11 – Full Moon, Meteorites, and Mallard Ducks

The day started out cloudy and windy. Eventually mid-day the clouds broke to a very warm 76-degree day. It is crazy how warm this year has been. This is the third year in a row where the weather is awfully warm. We will pay for this eventually as things always average out over time. As we set outside enjoying the nice weather and a few falling stars recaping the days events  it was unbelievable how loud the ducks were on the duck hole a near the house. I guess when the full moon is out the duck like to party.

Snow Goose hunting success today was good. High field shot 43 and low shot 4 for an average of 19 per field. What was weird about it though was mid-day there was a reverse migration. Birds coming from the north heading south crawling across the field. Several our guides saw this. I also got a text from a guide friend hunting the bootheel in Missouri saying they were killing bird out of the north. It is not typical to see this on a 76-degree day with a strong south wind. You never know how the day will play out until it’s over.

Our guide Drew lives in northern Nebraska. He got a video from back home of snow geese rolling over his house yesterday. This year the migration is strung out big time. It kind of reminds me of the 2009 season when a similar thing happened. Then on March 11 there was a strong migration from the south and a big reverse migration out of the Dakotas due to a large snow storm. The two migrations met in Mound City, MO. Many of the guide refer to it as bloody Wednesday. Thousands of birds were shot that day. There were many guides including us that had 200 plus bird shoots that day.