Month: March 2021

March 13 – A Slower Day

Watch this video on YouTube Today was the first in a while where everybody, but 1, had single digits. These days happen. The number of snow geese in the area remains solid. There are two staging areas that are holding good numbers. We just need the right ones to fly over the fields. Looking at … [Read More]

I Know – I Missed A Day

Yes I missed a day of posting yesterday and I have not been doing videos. All of this due to the most precious commodity in the world. TIME or lack of it.   The hunting the last few days has been a carbon copy of most of the hunting for us in Iowa. A little better … [Read More]

It Blew So Hard…

A decoy body was ripped off the stake flying 200 feet in the air until you couldn’t see it anymore. Now that is some wind! We had mixed results today but that is getting to be a pretty typical scenario for 2021. The highest field shot 30, low was 0. We are in for a … [Read More]


  We got our first band of the year. As we get deeper into the conservation order the bands come by harder and harder. They don’t band snow geese like they once did in the early years. Hunting today was a little slower than the last few days, half the fields were in the average … [Read More]

Solidly Average

Another solidly average day. Our best field shot 29, a big group of family that all wanted to hunt together. There is always one field that goes astray and they shot a 0, saw plenty but no players I guess. They happen at times.   Iowa’s success is far and away better than what we saw … [Read More]

Solid Day

More than half our fields were in the twenties but the rest were in single digits. Our success is swinging as wildly as the temps this year. As I sit here in the motel typing this post, several flocks of geese have flown over head. The weather this week looks to be amazingly warm. As … [Read More]

Out Of The Freezer Into The Sauna

The crazy weather that plagues the 2021 spring season continues. Arkansas was way colder than normal. So far Iowa has been way warmer than normal. The high field shot 27 and the low field shot 1. Some of the fields see a lot of birds while other are not seeing that many. The ups and … [Read More]

Best Day Of The Season

The weather continues to be good and so does the hunting. We have had 3 days in a row with an average in the average range. That just was never the case in Arkansas this past year. Today was our best day of the season. If this hunting continues, which I have seen no reason … [Read More]

70 and Sunny

What a beautiful day! It was nearly 70 degrees. The last three days have been lower wind early in the day. Many of the fields would have big spins started only to fizzle out at 120 yards up. It’s still pretty cool to see.  Our best field today was 20. He had high migrators cutting … [Read More]

This Is Spring Snow Goose Weather!

Since we started in Iowa the hunting has improved slightly each day. March 3 was one of the better ones, not because we killed the most birds. Everybody saw plenty of birds. If we had wind we would have crushed them early. Most of the guides said they had a number of huge spins that … [Read More]

Day 2 Iowa

Jim, Curt, Brock, and I made our way from Arkansas up to Iowa. Man, what a difference in bird numbers and snow on the ground. Temps hit 62 today. All of the fields were between 9 and 15 but one. They shot a zero. I just happened to be taking Jim and Curt to show … [Read More]