I Know – I Missed A Day

Yes I missed a day of posting yesterday and I have not been doing videos. All of this due to the most precious commodity in the world. TIME or lack of it.  

The hunting the last few days has been a carbon copy of most of the hunting for us in Iowa. A little better than half the fields in the average range and the rest in the slower range. The weather has been amazingly warm. 

Remember when I said it all averages out. When it was cold I said the migration will get caught back up, which it did. Then it turned warmer than normal. It is not typical for snow geese to be in North Dakota this time of year. This weather has snow geese scattered from the Dakotas to Arkansas. I said there would be a reset that will once again put the migration back on track. Anybody paid attention the the storm coming into the Midwest? My weather channel app calls it historic…maybe a reset.