Month: February 2010

Plan for Feb 25-March 4

We have to make a plan to make the transition from down south to Mound City. With all of the weather issues, where we hunt on March 5th is where we are going to be hunting until March 21. There can be only one place for and it has to be Mound City. While the … [Read More]


Finally we found lots of birds. We are going to run a couple groups that couldn’t move back. Lot of snow geese migrating today. We were not hunting Mound City but plan to by next Friday. Those hunting Monday through Thursday will be notified as to where to meet. I would tell everybody where we … [Read More]

In Search Of…

Its 3:45am and we are headed south to an area that we believe is holding a good numbers of snow geese. I was able to make contact with all but one of the groups of hunters that are coming in through Feb 28. I plan of be running snow goose hunts this weekend. We have … [Read More]


This is turning out to be very interesting weather this year. I have been thinking back and I can’t remember a year where we have not had a good number of snow geese within a reasonable distance of Mound City by now. Today two truckloads of guide drove all day looking for a large concentration … [Read More]

Small Snow Goose Migration

Today there was a small migration of snow geese. We saw several thousand snows that appear to be using the river to roost at night. We set a spread this morning finishing about 11 am. Hunted a couple hours during mid day and shot a couple. There is a small area of open water on … [Read More]

Postponing Hunts Feb 19-21

I have decided to postpone hunts Feb 19-21 due to low bird numbers and poor weather conditions. Now before everybody hunting Feb 26-28 starts calling…breath…we have 10 days. The difference between 0 and 200,000 birds can be a few hours and we have a few days. This isn’t our first rodeo. If there is issues … [Read More]

Old Man Winter

Old man winter keeps hanging around this year. With less than a week until our first snow goose hunts are suppose to start it isn’t looking too promising that we will be hunting in Mound City. We will be heading down on Sunday. Monday we will scout areas a couple hours south to see if … [Read More]

Right On Time

Today I have gotten several phone calls from Texas, Southern Illinois, and Southern Missouri. All have one thing in common. Snows geese are migrating north. We were in NW Missouri over the weekend and saw a very small number of snow geese. There is still snow on the ground but the good thing is there … [Read More]

Conservation Order Starts Today

Today is the first day of the Conservation Order 2010. Our first guided snow goose hunts are Feb 19. If you are going to the Iowa Duck Calling contest in Burlington, IA this weekend I’ll be there at the Deadly Decoy™ booth. Stop by and chat.